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  1. I'm thinking I'd like to get this ship but the issue for me is that I'm not fond of the rainbow arcs on the inline ships of the US CA tree. I literally free exped through the bulk of the Cleveland and found the Pense hard going early on. I was going to put the time in to learn it and then I saw the shell velocities on the tier 9-10 and thought "wtf am I doing?.." May just stick with IJN CAs with German as 2nd. Tried the Russian and liked em until I hit Kirov. That's just more me not liking the concealment (same problem I have with Pense) but so far the German Konigsberg is more fun in very early going.
  2. Well you've come to the right place to find folks with more ideas on that. This isn't my cup of tea so to say but I imagine there are more than a few here willing to pile in and help out.
  3. Looks good and I'll be adding mine in a bit. Only suggestion I'd make for your next series of improvements would be to consider adding an average tier played stat somewhere in the sig.
  4. yep, ghetto internet doesn't really do it justice but I'm definitely on failnet like everyone else in the rural. Thanks for getting back to me.
  5. When I was playing AW more actively, I read up on it here(wotlabs forum) and wound up creating an account on EU because of the apparent server stability improvement of EU over NA. For me the ping turned out to be a difference of 20 or less but the stability and lack of spikes/etc on EU made up for it and then some. The increased population there didn't hurt either tbh. I live in the rural midwest and when I'm at home, the ping on WoWS NA can sometimes exceed ridiculous so I'm wondering if anyone has been through this with WoWS and if the differences in server stability with WoWS between EU and NA justify starting over on EU? edit: I ask because AW NA server was on the west coast and I recently found out that the WoWS/WoWP server is apparently on the west coast also. (San Jose or San Fran) I've got less than 500 battles since the CBT/release reset and put in several hundred in CBT so my investment so far is not huge. I would miss my Arky and Diana freebie premiums but I would certainly get over that. Thoughts/observations/comments much appreciated. Don't worry about being nice, I'd prefer just brute honesty on this. Thanks.
  6. Any other stone rate winners from this version of the test server? (unfortunately I play probably 2-3 games a day max and use that time on the regular server)
  7. Thanks man! The graphs are no big deal either way but WTR is a big strong point for your site and being able to see the individual ship WTR on the same screen as the breakdown by class at the same time has been a huge plus and very strong feature for your site in my book
  8. Best thing you can do is roll your latest update back and give us back the table breakdown of WTR by ship type and days instead of all the graphs imho. Before this update I could see at a glance how I was doing in each ship class over time with the WTR dropdown menu. Now I need to shift to multiple screens to get the same info so I prefer the old update as it was easier to see everything on one screen.
  9. I've been out of the game for awhile and am reading trying to get caught back up. How are you determining speed of the target?
  10. Small sample size (262 battles) but here goes: Survival Rate 53% W/R 53.82% KDR: 2.33 Played BB's 20.23% W/R 60.3% 53 Battles CV's 45.42% W/R 51.26% 119 Battles CA's 27.10% W/R 53.52% 71 Battles DD's 7.25% W/R 52.63% 19 Battles I'm glad I did this as it did not go like I thought it would. My outliers are my US cruisers Phoenix 67% W/R and survive rate Omaha 70% W/R and survive rate I've had less than the best of luck with every CV not named Hosho and I think that's a message I need to listen to.
  11. somewhat like playing a Japanese cruiser but without the torps?
  12. Probably needs more testing as I respecd on this, but I accidently took incoming fire on a commander. While I had it the warning seemed to be going off not when shots were fired, but when I was initially targeted as shots didn't come in or close on every occasion and several times the warning went off when the enemy ship who did wind up firing at me was very close (ie: well inside the 6 sec window.)
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