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  1. and it is low, we are recruiting 3k 6 T10s, I didn't check his 10s but recent isn't high enough.
  2. Just sold CGC and M55... I feel cancer free ;) I bought a conq with the money and some consumables.

    1. CenturionofRome72


      you are still literal cancer bro


  3. I played silver last season, and got top 2% in grand finals tourny. My recent was 3.2k... (the arty missions + 183 take a rough toll on recent ) I've 3 marked Pershing, 2 marked KV5, 2 marked T69, 2 marked T32. Would like to have more, but I sold most of my T8s when I got my league account last season because league + playing t8s = no thx. I played a lot of T54LW, T32/29, 416, and tons of M44 (I was the clicker of the team, I probably have 70+ M44 league battles). Anyways, if you want me to prove I'm not a bad I could always get my recent to 3.2k... just would require selling my arty so I can't rage click people and destroy my wn8. Let me know if you are interested, just pm me or some shit. Oh yeah and I have no life, can be there every night unless a dire emergency. EDIT: I know a pretty good amount about strats and tank comps... I haven't called in like a year so probably don't want me to do that.
  4. CarbonWard uses GLD on everything, but he is CarbonWard so... Use Vstab whenever possible and same with rammer, 3rd equipment slot should be for your playstyle
  5. How am I not on this website? I'm probably the most insulting person in chat and I get called a cheating reroll pretty regularly... well I guess this means time to pull out the waffle and wait.
  6. Arty missions getting top 3 base or what ever missions are easy, just shoot them as soon as they go unspoted. If they are blind it counts as your damage Platoon missions for arty though are easy as fuck, free premium if you are on T55a too
  7. Correct direction, do useful damage and do a lot of it and you will win
  8. Focus on damage and winning the game. (Don't be that one moron that fucking loses the game just to get more damage.)
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