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  1. If I didn't have fun in it during the grind up then I sell it. My problem is I have fun in most tanks. Exceptions were the T-28.. which was the first tank I used free xp to get the next tier. And everything before the VK 36.01H.
  2. Did you try calling for fire on him? I think that's T? If I'm where I can see a tank that someone is calling fire on I will do what I can to shoot it. Pretty sure that's a teamwork thing.. mostly unheard of in pub matches.
  3. Something has definitely changed. Don't know if it's just accuracy or what but something isn't right. My hit ratio has plummeted since 9.6 and the number of zero damage crits has gone way up. Before 9.6 I was improving with more games over 2k wn8 than not but post 9.6 I have more matches of crit crit crit dead than not. My jp e100 is now the master of crit. The jp and jp2 have been my best tanks and I now hit less than 40% with both. I finally rage quit last night after spending an entire match bouncing shots with the Tiger II. All of this was instant after 9.6 so something was chang
  4. Challenge accepted. Yesterday I had a match where I got 5.. that FIVE shots in a row that were 0 damage crits. And then I died. I understand that tracks can eat shots but I had a full side shot on an Indien Panzer at under 70 meters and all I got was "critical hit" and tracked him.. seriously? That gun at that range should have auto penned. It's not that I don't know how to aim because I can roll in the Pershing, Lowe or Tiger II and shoot at and pen a lot of the same tanks. **facepalm** I've been averaging better than 1100 WN8 for a while now but after this last weekend and forcing mys
  5. FINALLY! Someone else that understands... I'm so close to rage selling this giant pos. The crew will sit in barracks until I unlock the E100 then I'm retraining them. People keep telling me to not play up front and act as a support tank.. But then it doesn't pen anything from farther than 10.... feet.
  6. Little late to the xvm discussion but.. As a mediocre player trying to improve I use xvm to see who to watch in a match and try to take cues from on different maps and how to play them. Watching live streams and youtube vids is all well and good but if I have time to do that then I'd rather be in game actually .. you know.. tanking instead of watching others do it. ymmv.
  7. That's why I asked the question. Would rather come here and ask than rely on ragers in game for advice. I dont back camp on any map anymore but move as far up as I can find hull down spots to shoot from. The JP II is quick enough that I can get forward early and find those spots to take advantage of the gun depression and bouncy superstructure. Now that I've got the JagdTiger I'm playing more up with the heavies, although just behind them since I can't get around the corners as easy. And on a positive note, once I unlocked the top gun on it the first two games I played were Ace Tankers.
  8. No laptop here. Tower case, with four fans all over sized and liquid cooled CPU. It doesn't get as hot playing WoT as it did other games like WoW. I ran ping plotter and it said NA East was unreachable but NA West was. I usually play East..... Edit: ran some more pings on this and I'm getting sever packet loss at time warner. Ranges from 33% to 100% loss on every ping. Come on, FIOS! Get that fiber ran to my house. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks all.. I was hoping it was a connection issue.. Damn time warner... When I get the slowdown/lockup the ping usually jumps to 999. When the game is running it's running very well but it's just these dang lock ups that are causing me headaches I'll get the pingplotter and see what it says. Not like it will make a difference but will be good info to have. FIOS is on the way once we get the fiber run to this area.
  10. I'm having issues in game with ping spikes and the game locking up and I'm wondering if it's my system causing it. I'll be in a match and my tank will freeze up. I can move the reticle, fire shots and rev the engine but nothing actually happens. All tanks on the minimap will freeze in place and the game stays that way for 10+ seconds when this happens. My specs are: AMD FX-4100 quad core on a GA-970-D3 board 16 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti Is this being caused possibly by my older cpu? Would replacing it with something newer/faster help? Thanks in advance for any help you
  11. Thanks! I'll ditch that idea for more productive spots then.
  12. I have a question. On Fjords, south spawn. If I'm on a TD I like to go to H9 and snipe the tanks coming through the pass at J5. I can usually shave health off at least 2 or 3 tanks before relocating. Then depending on what's going on I'll either move down the road into town or go up the 9 or 7 lines. My question is this. Is this screwing my team over by sitting there for a couple minutes? On a normal match that spot is usually good for 1k to 2k damage before I move. Sound tactic or am I being a 'camper n00b'?
  13. I'm finally to the point that I have it on a few crews and it helps me with my map awareness. If I'm focused on getting to a flank ambush spot and get spotted it reminds me to check the map and my flank, too.
  14. Yesterday I had a string of poor win chance teams and I was one of the top players (that's not saying much) on several of them. I just said screw stats, I'm just gonna do what I can do.... and my stats for yesterday wound up being 53% wr and 1028 wn8 (that's huge for me) .... And we even won a 15% win chance match.. I got nothin'
  15. I moved the crew back to the M4 to train up sixth sense. Then I read about swapping perks/skills. Swapped out jack of all trades for sixth sense on my commander. Now if I could just get sixth sense to pop BEFORE the first rounds hit my tank, I'd be good. -.-
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