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  1. TABLE has 4 open slots i believe, but apply at your own risk.
  2. anyone in ROTA, you suck, stop playing this game

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    2. rojo180


      I still can't believe ROTA is still on the map... next to SIMP... wAit wat???

    3. rojo180


      *calls a conspiracy :^)

    4. Kitten


      NTR is just gonna die, they won't end up like that

  3. need to set enemy 1 tier higher, on fire >>>need pref 8 or pref 7 because Matchmaker actually wants me to be top tier every game..... Anyone willing to help?
  4. Pedos -- keep it in your pants.

  5. JP2 is one of the best, and most fun tier 8s i have played. I noticed people pen thru the gun mantle(destroying the gun and doing DMG) a lot, and is quite annoying....Otherwise, its a hulldown beast.
  6. Yay! Gold league! ++ also looking for happy, fun people to platoon with:)

  7. I just contracted Ebola watching that Clip of the CGC. Its nice to know i only have a CGC and m53 in my garage, as i purged every other arty that i could see when not in a battle. My soul be cleansed.
  8. Its that time again, WG just wants me to stop playing world of tanks for a while......"how to tell when WG wants you to stop playing WoT?" you miss 50% of you shots and 25% of your shots that hit dont pen.

    1. Gling24


      Stop firing standard AP in the KV-2 brah :3

    2. Flaksmith
  9. Its ok to dig for potatoes in battle, unless you are below 1k wn8.....I love shooting the dirt!!!!

    1. deathmachine16


      I'm really good at that!

    2. Cunicularius



  10. I wish i knew how to convince people they want to win.....
  11. Well, i have made many posts before..... Im looking for a home, a long term home. I dont know if ill find one, but ill still look. You can see my stats HERE, if you are good, and think im good, we should talk.....if you dont like me, there is no need to waste your time, or mine. I have 10 tier 10s in garage, i can play anything from Medium to Arty.....or i think i can. My old Username was -- deathseeker57 -- (if you remember me as a troll, that was me, but not anymore, if you dont want to give me a second chance, well see-ya) wotreplays channel
  12. What Good clans could someone like me get into? (16, and never have anyone 2 platoon with)

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