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  1. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/17/20-lies/

    Holy mother of shitposts. I can only imagine how bored the WG marketing crew must be to post some shit like this. :kjugh:

  2. This tank actually looks too good. Better than the Rhoomba in every relevant way, other than camo and actual size. Powercreep intensifies, the Lowe sheds a lonely tear in the deep corners of the garage.
  3. Favourite skycancer / least favourite skycancer?
  4. Little late to the party, but focus on your health for sure! Thank you for everything you've done for us. Pixels can wait, and it sounds like your body cannot. You deserve this time for yourself. I hope you sort your health out. Best of luck.
  5. Pyr0freak


    OH MY GOD I remember this game! I remember a more basic version though. It was a flash game, and it might've been the first Robot Arena then? That shit was awesome!
  6. Pyr0freak


    Yeah the concept seems promising! But never again will I ever pay for any Early Access, Beta, Starter Pack, or any of that crap. I got baited hard by Armored Warfare. I got baited hard by Guild Wars 2. I got baited hard by Diablo 3. I think I've finally learned my lesson. They say the game is in pre-alpha right now, so not even close to release. Could be as much as 2 years. I'll keep an eye out though, thanks for posting.
  7. Same for me, but with Russian and English. Although when I get mad as fuck, even if I was in English-mode, I tend to rage in Russian.
  8. Yeah I live the loner life. Same reasons as OP, my schedule is retarded and I can binge play for a couple of days, then be unable to touch tanks for a week. This kills any sort of competitive play that requires regular attendance. I was in A1PHA for a bit before I got kicked out for inactivity, did some strongholds and a skirmish. Shit is fun, and I wish I had more time for those things, but real life is cancer
  9. "Улучшена бронепробиваемость Heavy Tank No. VI, Škoda T 40 и прочих танков с 88 мм орудиями длиной 56 калибров." Kind of implies all tanks that wield this type of cannon get a penetration buff, but I feel like they would mention it more specifically or at least make a bigger deal out of it. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  10. I think this patch is fucking awesome! More features in vanilla client (I already run vanilla, but this will inspire others to as well). 3D tanks in the tech tree! ACTUAL BALANCING OF SHIT VEHICLES AND NERFING OP ONES?! I really hope this new awesome trend continues, and we see big rebalances every patch. Fixing physics! I personally have not had many issues with them (other than the "slide off a cliff where you usually slide off, lose half of your HP"), but I know many people have big beef with the physics. Also, I really hope they implement this interface for English u
  11. Fukken teach me please. The Lowe is the definition of inconsistency to me. I'm sure it seems fast to you, since you 3 marked the TOG, but goddamn is it ever a slow ass piece of shit with difficult-to-use armour that turns into nonexistent armour whenever you see 9s and 10s.
  12. This question has been asked numerous times, and no conclusive answers can really be made. To test this would require a player that has roughly equal ping to play at least 100 matches at each tier (or at least Tiers 8 9 10) during the same times of the day when no special events are going on throughout multiple days and changing up the times of the day that they play at. Basically, a shitload of effort for no good reason. The only more or less different thing that NA West has from other servers (from what I've been reading over the years) is the lack of arty. Most games have 1 or 2 arty.
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