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  1. The tier 9's DPM is much better than the PTA's. I get 8.35 second reload on the the 30, and 8 flat with food added. That pales in comparison to the 10+ second realoads you'll get on the PTA with various setups. The other major thing is the comfort; it has good depression, good elevation, good dispersion, and the ability to snapshot fairly well. Its also worth noting my mantlet has bounced quite a few low tier guns. The PTA isn't necessarily a scavenger. Because it's so awful in duels and the reload is so long, you need to start doing damage with it as soon as possible, and make sure the dama
  2. RIP friend, you will never be forgotten Jake bae <3

  3. Garbad officially not the best troll: https://twitter.com/Keke_Dat_Bitch (NSFW)

  4. You are incredibly thick. Mathematically, the extremes happen rarely. The problem is that there are a great number of things affected by RNG, and you often don't need to have extremes for them to affect the outcome of a game because the range of the RNG is already extreme and compounded. If two IS-3's are fighting each other at any distance that's not point blank, a shot can 1) miss, 2) thrown into a place where it can't pen, 3) be thrown into tracks and randomly eaten with no effect, 4) straight up no-pen, 5) pen and do no damage, 6) pen and low roll, 7) pen and average roll, pen and hig
  5. You're not giving it enough. ur high They do happen. Often.
  6. Lol this tortoise See not aiming at its finest!
  7. I was angry when I wrote the OP, and that's pretty much the reason I haven't posted since then. I was taking a tanks break. I'll clarify my points: RNG is good in small doses, but at high tiers you're at a point where certain guns have an RNG range of a whole shot of damage from lower tier tanks. A high roll from a tier 10 means that any tier 8 on the team can afford to do one less hit of damage, sometimes two. If arty highrolls, you can afford a 0 damage T8, or a T9, or a T10. In a tourney, an engagement where one of your heavy tanks has a BS no-pen and the other doesn't puts you down val
  8. Your game is broken. I'll list out what's wrong with it, and then I'll tell you how to fix it. You won't, ofc, but I'll be damned if I don't tell you. First, I will assume you want the game to be balanced around e-sports. Second, I will identify the problems that plague wot esports (spoiler alert - it's not the format you dumbshits. Finally, I will offer you the (often sited and rather obvious) solutions. The problem with e-sports atm is the constant camping and draws. Here's how you fix it: reduce rng, rebalance maps, rebalance rounds, rebalance consumables, rebalance equipment, and
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