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  1. The tier 9's DPM is much better than the PTA's. I get 8.35 second reload on the the 30, and 8 flat with food added. That pales in comparison to the 10+ second realoads you'll get on the PTA with various setups. The other major thing is the comfort; it has good depression, good elevation, good dispersion, and the ability to snapshot fairly well. Its also worth noting my mantlet has bounced quite a few low tier guns. The PTA isn't necessarily a scavenger. Because it's so awful in duels and the reload is so long, you need to start doing damage with it as soon as possible, and make sure the damage is worth something. Early choices and positioning in the PTA are so important, because if you mess up the game can be lost before you've even had the opportunity to do your own HP in damage. If you make that mistake, you're left scavenging. The AMX isn't so punishing because it gives you more opportunities with better depression and reload.
  2. Spencer come back Nice to see this working though, congrats.
  3. RIP friend, you will never be forgotten Jake bae <3

  4. Garbad officially not the best troll: https://twitter.com/Keke_Dat_Bitch (NSFW)

  5. You are incredibly thick. Mathematically, the extremes happen rarely. The problem is that there are a great number of things affected by RNG, and you often don't need to have extremes for them to affect the outcome of a game because the range of the RNG is already extreme and compounded. If two IS-3's are fighting each other at any distance that's not point blank, a shot can 1) miss, 2) thrown into a place where it can't pen, 3) be thrown into tracks and randomly eaten with no effect, 4) straight up no-pen, 5) pen and do no damage, 6) pen and low roll, 7) pen and average roll, pen and high roll, 9) detonate their ammorack. One of those nine outcomes is 'average', and all of them are independent of skill. Or we can look at probability... If we say there are only three aspects to RNG (accuracy, pen, and damage) and that one standard deviation (the middle 67%) is average, then approximately 30% of shots would be average. This ignores the random no pens and module damage. All of this occurs independently of skill, and when you take the top 1% of players who are very similarly skilled, the difference that RNG creates has a greater weight. Every shot you take in WoT is considered a skillshot by most other games standards, but 60% of the time it's RNG. What would LoL or DoTA be like if one of every three spells decided to do no damage or shoot randomly out to the side of your character or do 75% of its damage? That wouldn't be fun. It would be absolutely infuriating. If you were the other 30% who was hitting all of his spells, doing damage every time, and getting high-rolls for damage, would you really have deserved the advantage it gave you? Would anyone even play if their champ randomly died to a level 1 Q every x% of games? I'll answer those questions for you: no. (Fun fact: those games still have RNG, their RNG just doesn't reward retards or punish skill. In fact, a lot of games have RNG that does neither of those things. RNG needs to create replayability, not skill mitigation.)
  6. You're not giving it enough. ur high They do happen. Often.
  7. Lol this tortoise See not aiming at its finest!
  8. I was angry when I wrote the OP, and that's pretty much the reason I haven't posted since then. I was taking a tanks break. I'll clarify my points: RNG is good in small doses, but at high tiers you're at a point where certain guns have an RNG range of a whole shot of damage from lower tier tanks. A high roll from a tier 10 means that any tier 8 on the team can afford to do one less hit of damage, sometimes two. If arty highrolls, you can afford a 0 damage T8, or a T9, or a T10. In a tourney, an engagement where one of your heavy tanks has a BS no-pen and the other doesn't puts you down valuable HP when it shouldn't have necessarily done that, and while it's important to properly aim and it should be rewarded, sometimes (and these sometimes occur FAR too often) you do literally just get rekt by RNG and any positional advantage you may have had is gone because you can't push because of one or two bad rolls. At that point, you're not playing a game about planning or skill, you're playing a game of RNG mitigation. I think +/- 10% or thereabouts (adjusted by testing) would be fine, but as it is, it is too much. And for the scenario with 399 HP and a 400 alpha enemy gun, let's examine it. 400 alpha guns tend to be on heavy tanks (unless it's a China med). If you're a heavy tank, you can attempt to use positioning and armor to eat the shell and then try to take him out if you succeed in doing it. If you're a medium, you can attempt to reposition, gain a vision / camo advantage, flank, or (if you're a russian style med) you can attempt to hull down and take him out from hull down. If you're in a leo or a similar soft tank in proxy range, well, you're fucked, but TBH you shouldn't have gotten yourself in that kind of situation in the first place if you're a leo. If it is a chinese med, you know he has bad accuracy, and more than likely equal or lesser view range (good players don't tend to run optics on it and choose GLD or vents b/c shit handling; bad players may run CO2 tanks). You can afford to be more aggressive with a heavy and hope to work armor, or (and this is ideal) if you have a medium tank you can just out view range and out gun him. Regardless, the opportunity to win the game would come from skill instead of RNG. This is what good players do already. The difference is if the player in the 399HP position was bad, RNG wouldn't give him the chance to yoloswag his way into the enemy, get lowrolled, and then snapshot full-pen high-roll the surviving enemy player. As for pen: most tanks can be frontally penetrated with proper aiming. I wouldn't mind if spaced armor or tracks gave you some protection angled, but firing flat into the side of an enemy tank and having your shot randomly eaten is not fun. It's infuriating because that person literally did nothing to mitigate your damage. If that person is angling and I no pen, well good job, he can play. But if he's tunnel visioning and gives me his flat side then he should get punished for it. If you tell me that you enjoy lining up your shot, aiming, firing, hitting, and then getting it eaten by RNG then you should take up gambling instead. Half the game you play right now isn't even about outplaying the enemy, it's about mitigating RNG. Risk management is a component of skill, but that risk should be calculatable with a margin of error. Right now people can't calculate risk because of RNG, so the skillful thing to do is NOT take risks.
  9. Your game is broken. I'll list out what's wrong with it, and then I'll tell you how to fix it. You won't, ofc, but I'll be damned if I don't tell you. First, I will assume you want the game to be balanced around e-sports. Second, I will identify the problems that plague wot esports (spoiler alert - it's not the format you dumbshits. Finally, I will offer you the (often sited and rather obvious) solutions. The problem with e-sports atm is the constant camping and draws. Here's how you fix it: reduce rng, rebalance maps, rebalance rounds, rebalance consumables, rebalance equipment, and remove arty (not a joke - I'll tell you why). RNG) The most popular e-sports games have minimal RNG, and it's for a reason. RNG reduces the effect of skill and calculation in a game. Right now, when you fire a round it goes through three iterations of RNG. The first is accuracy, which determines whether or not it will even hit. The second is pen, where despite any knowledge of armor layouts or calculation on the part of the shooter, RNG may shit on your face and deny a pen. And the final part is damage - that point in RNG where (against all odds) you have successfully hit AND penned your (theoretically one-shottable) target. Now you add in the bullshit of tracks absorbing damage and random ass spaced armor eating anything and suddenly you have a problem. Not to mention ammo racks. This amount of RNG in fights is ridiculous. In e-sports, teams will refuse to fight unless one of them makes a heinous positioning mistake. It doesn't matter if they have a slight-positional advantage, an HP advantage, or a team comp advantage. They will refuse to fight because when it gets down to it, there's absolutely no guarantee that any of those small advantages they eked out for themselves will mean anything - all of it can be completely negated by a few bad RNG rolls. How do you fix it? Remove pen and damage RNG. Accuracy I understand - it's a defining feature of a tank. (NOTE: However, the proposed general nerfing of accuracy is a terrible idea; adding more RNG just breaks the game more, right now it's fine where it is. No one is complaining about tanks being too accurate - quit fucking up your good life choices.) It's also time to fixed spaced armor. No more magical tracks eating rounds. AP / APCR rounds should never be given a pen-no-damage roll. They either pen and damage or they don't. Remove ammo-rack detonation. In a competitive game, a single ammo-rack completely fucks you and degerates into camping. MAPS) Right now, maps are like this: there's one really good path and a few good spots. These 'spots' tend to be good places for either camping or early damage. The 'path' tends to be defined by its general security and potential for positional advantages and damage. Most other places on the map tend to be noob-traps, with a few 'okay' paths / positions, and some situational paths / positions. Thank god that the current e-sports meta discourages arty because there are a lot more viable paths and positions in its absence. One of the reasons I say remove arty is because of map balance. When arty is present on most maps, a great majority of positions become invalid. Then when arty is gone, some positions become overpowered. No matter what happens, arty funnels people into a few lanes and positions and discourages smart positioning. It may not matter now, but any changes you make run the risk of bringing it back into the meta. Focus on creating a variety of viable paths and positions, making sure that none are OP (this would be a long and involved process of actually watching pub and e-sports play instead of your usual 'pretend nothing's wrong' method). REBALANCING ROUNDS, CONSUMABLES, EQUIPMENT) You need to quit pretending you can balance in-game benefits with out-of-game costs. Every in-game benefit needs to come with an in-game cost. Gold shells should have high pen and low damage. Normal shells should have average pen and average damage. HE does high damage with low pen. For HEAT, make it so that it either retains the normal damage and always gets eaten by spaced armor, or decrease its damage and let it pen. Make it so that large kits prevent potential deaths, repair multiple deaths, but can only be used once. Small kits can be used twice but don't prevent damage. You should attempt to make more viable equipment. Right now, the following pieces of equipment are viable: Rammer, Vstab, Optics, GLD, Camo Net, Binos. The rest of it is wholly irrelevant to an elited tank. Examine what makes each class what it is, then create equipment that's tailored to the class. Give us a reason to use things other than vstab, rammer, optics. Variety in these areas will create more room for interesting tank compositions and strategies. REMOVE ARTY) It is cancerous to everything that's not arty. It reduces the effectiveness of positioning and skill. It makes maps hard to balance and annoying to play. It has made heavy tanks irrelevant. It's a slot machine Fix your maps instead. A mechanic with no counterplay is a bad mechanic (counterplay != hugging the nearest building and hoping a GC doesn't splash you for 500 in your heavy tanks or 700 in your medium tanks). This applies to e-sports as well. If arty should ever come back into the e-sports meta, you'll face the same degenerative issues. This game is terrible. Anyway, I'm done venting.
  11. Officers: Soldiers: EDIT: Added RavenousSix and LanterneRouge
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