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  1. And in future if you want to reset your skills do not reset them untill your 2nd or 3rd or what ever skill is next hits 51-52%, coz in this case you get that last skill on 8%+ so you dont have to go trought that painfull 95-100% grind again and 50% you get pretty fast.
  2. We are rebuilding WHY! A multinational community searching for hardened ninja warriors What is our Community? - [WHY] WHY so Serious?! - wot page - noobmeter - [WHO] WHO Cares?! - wot page - noobmeter What do we offer? - A stable WoT community since 2012. - Excellent Clan Wars and Campaign opportunities. - ESL (currently two active teams in the community - one of the teams is 1st in Ace Europe Cup 3vs3) and Tournaments with clan teams. - Highly successful Stronghold skirmishes with great bonuses - Great players and in an easy-going environment. - No drama and no pri
  3. Enjoying in finland for over 30 days
  4. Well ^^ my bad I didnt look up on the posting date -.-
  5. Hello mate, HATEU is internacional clan, we'r mostly intrested in clan wars and esl, but since 9.2 patch we'r mostly focused on stronghold battles, we'v replaced TC's with skirmish battles. We have a solid FC's but also we'r looking for new ones. We have intentions to participate in next campaign. If you are intrested and want to know more, visit us on our TS : fra01.mainvoice.net:7012. I'm mostly online from 19:00 and I can give you any info about clan which you would like to know. I hope we will talk soon. Good luck on the battlefield.
  6. I know that guys, but I'm taking in a count crew's skills, coz if I go from obj 416 I'll get only 1 crew with 3 skills or so, the other one will be less skilled since I'll grind 140 and t62a with t54. If I go A-43 and KV-13 I get two crews with 3 skill each till I get t10's.
  7. Not quite, we'r looking for attendance from 19:00-23:00 if possible (i.e. Clan wars time) and about my games, well what can I say I'v worked in internet caffe so didnt have anything better to do than to play WoT Tnx mate, cheers!
  8. Ye I'v been playing a lot last two months since I had a break and didnt play for like 7-8 months
  9. TBH I was rly strugling with SP in first 15-20 games I was on the edge of selling it untill I'v found a way to make it work, even I keep a great ammount of prem ammo on him (24 shells) I rarely use it, only time when I shoot prem shells with him is when I meet IS-6, E-75, VK 45.02 B or ST-I frontaly. Everything else you can pen with thouse 170mm of penetration but you need to aim for week spots.
  10. TBH, I'v had great success with medium tanks so far but I'v only played american and british ones and as I'v noticed russian meds are played quite differently from usa/uk meds. Anyway one more question, shall I go from KV-13 and A-43 so I get two good crew for them or shall I go just A-43 line than switch to t54?
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