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  1. add... What I meant to ask.. Given the nature of the tanks the CAX faces will I still burn through repair kits, like the above fat chick burns through excuses for the cake habit ?
  2. I have a cax... I am a total noob with it! It gets ammo racked more than a fat chick in a cake shop... I have ss but have not yet put on a war... What are the maths for damaged ammo racks for a cax ? Should I drop optics ? for war ? ps... sometimes i even run bino's instead of optics... ( start the rage)
  3. Back in the store..... But with the god awful advert!!!!
  4. How is it going... I was terrible, Then I was terrbile but a little less so.... Then I took a break flew around space in ED Now I am back and terrible again.... Is the Channel still used... I need Help look at my terrible stats!
  5. I like that guy... He is OK! Does that mean that you will want to shoot me?
  6. I am in the same boat... I am totally new to WoWS.... I have played about 5 games.... I was hoping for a total idiots guide to ships! Though I have heard that remapping the buttons helps a huge amount, perhaps as they can match WoT? I was told that the number keys 1-3 for ammo is fine but you can benifit by adding 4-? for other stuff so it will work closer to WoT it also leave the "T" key for mark target. What do you guys reckon? Is there a purple sailor willing to teach and train on the EU maybe some easy YT vids. I have seen some, though I was hoping for the mega basic guide! I can learn the harder stuff later (LOL) well at least try!
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