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  1. PIR8 What is PIR8? PIR8 is a casual social tournament and special event clan in the RDDT family of clans. Clan Wars While not a clan wars clan, we do from time to time participate in Clan Wars to help out our RDDT friends. RIP MVP Strongholds PIR8 currently has a level 7 stronghold and members are encouraged to run detachments as often as possible with juicy credit bonuses active. Tournaments PIR8 prides itself on being a top level tournament clan with winnings exceeding 150,000 gold for the 2015 calendar year. Typically we run one tournament team weekly and field other teams as required if interest is high. Special Events / Campaigns PIR8 has participated in the last fivecampaigns, netting tanks for every member who put in the time. Great War resulted in 15 Russian Hovertanks Armageddon resulted in 21 another IS-3 clones Operation Safari resulted in 12 really bad tier 7 tanks Snake's Fang resulted in 28 of us getting in Jesus (I lie to myself and say everyone took the Jesus) Operation Typhoon resulted in 12 sets Tea and Crumpet time Community PIR8 is a member of the Reddit Family of clans (ts.rddtclans.com). This is a great place to plunder booty with your fellow PIR8's who are available for nightly platooning or to meet new friends in our wonderful community. Requirements We are looking for exceptional players who fit into our community of filthy casuals. Our requirements can and have be broken on a case by case basis for people that we think will be assets to our community. Recent >1900wn8 >54% win rate Tanks IS-3 T54ltwt Others Teamspeak 3 Reddit account Treecutter score >2.0 Be active (2'ish nights a week) If you are interested in becoming a part of our great community contact the following players either in-game or through the forums: Brazzlethorpe Delphisans84 Uk1ah c_squared Nallycz You can also log onto our Teamspeak server (ts.rddtclans.com) and come plunder with us.
  2. It just happens we don't have any Air Force guys, but as a Navy vet myself if we're willing to take the CG then Airforce can come too
  3. Hey WOTLABS.net, We're looking for some active players for the clan war and stronghold scene, and hope that talking to some of you here will allow us to fill our ranks with more from this wonderful community. What we have to offer you: Gold and Land RDDTV has consistently been on the Clan Wars Global Map for the past four months. During that time, RDDTV has had its largest sets of gold payouts in its history. We have owned land both south of the Mason Dixon Line, and just north of the beloved Great Lakes in this time span. Strongholds We are building our stronghold structures up, and currently have both a level 6 Command Center and Financial District. We have been defending against and attacking clans on a nightly basis, as this is one of the more interesting (aka fun) game modes. Sense of Community RDDTV prides itself on being its own cohesive community within the RDDT family. We frequently have community nights (Games for Gold!) that range from ram the officers, long jump, battle royal, and battle boats to battle bridge. We also have a large Veteran community within the clan, with Navy and Army leading the way, and a few Marine and Coast Guard servicemen sprinkled in. Requirements Recently RDDTV has begun experimenting with two divisions, a Clan War and Stronghold division. Both are interchangeable, and clan members can play in either, however the main focus of Clan War division is to Clan Wars, and the main focus of Stronghold division is to Strongholds. Think of the Stronghold division as a way to get your foot in the door for Clan Wars (and get used when needed), while still participating in lots of organized Tier X fights with Strongholds on a nightly basis. Clan Wars Wn8 1550 60day Tank Requirements 3 or more Clan Wars ready preferred tier X vehicles Attendance 3+ nights a week Strongholds Wn8 1300 60day Tank Requirements 1 or more Clan Wars ready preferred tier X vehicles Attendance 3+ nights a week Contact: If you feel this is for you or even something you want to try out please contact one of our recruiters or DC’s through in game mail or our TS server. ts.rddtclans.com Contact List - F008, Doomer727, Orical89, veomousderp, noble252, Guderian_Blitzkrieg, Zermalmen
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