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  1. Not sure if this is the right place but does anyone know if/when you can apply for the EU super test? Can't seem to find anything but I keep hearing that you can submit an application somewhere.
  2. Target the ship you can do the most % damage to, 50k to a Yamato is less than 25k to a Zao. Cruisers are also easier to damage from any angle, provided you can hit them. You'd be surprised how quickly you can take a cruiser down if you keep focusing your fire. It's far better to shoot at a distant cruiser than a full health Yamato who is sat bow on to you baiting shots. You should also always go for kill shots on low health ships, if they are very low you might be cheeky and only fire some of your guns to save them for the next target but securing the kill on low health ships is important, esp
  3. Like I said, I'm not suggesting battleships should be given a flat buff, but as it stands secondaries are largely useless. You could either change them to be skill dependent (not full manual but some kind of active control required, like having to constantly aim at the target or something) or you could add the OPTION, via a skill probably, to signifcantly increase your secondary batteries power at the cost of the main battery. Like 30% increase to accuracy, range and rof but at the cost of a 25% increase the main battery reload and/or dispersion (ballpark numbers). The idea being that you can
  4. That's exactly my issue though, they are a unique asset to battleships and they should be another an important factor to take into account. Not just on the part of the enemy but also the battleship captain, who should have some serious input into how they perform. Some form of manual control would make it actually skill based (instead of click, or even don't click and forget) and you would then need to have to split your control, with only the best multitaskers being able to get the most out of them.
  5. Historically there were plans to mount larger guns on battleships (yamato with double 8 inch instead of triple 6 inch for instance). It wouldn't be much more RNG either because you still fire a decent volume, especially with the longer range. An interesting idea would be to nerf the damage even further but give them a silly rate of fire. That would create a sort of damaging aura since you will score steady hits to chip away. 100% though they need to change manual fire skill, the sheer accuracy means they need to nerf normal accuracy to balance it. It should just buff the range and ac
  6. Tirpitz is very strong at close range, you can broadside at 3km and theyll hit you for 20k max since they cant citadel. The torpedoes are brutal too since you can fire off the side of the ship as you pass so they MUST broadside you unless they want to eat four torps as go past. Guns citadel cruisers easily enough too, although it does suffer at longer range.
  7. My Mogami definitely took more citadels than my Atago (I've sold it now). I think that may have been because I used the 155s and the slow speed made me sit side on more. Atago is definitely more armoured too which I think helps protect against long range citadels.
  8. I have to say your forum tag of "situationally unaware" applies here They're talking about it before it got buffed to hell with repair party, and people realised you could stealth it to 9.1km detection.
  9. In alpha secondaries were fired manually like the main battery. The trouble is that players are good shots so it was hilariously overpowered and DDs especially couldn't get close to battleships without evaporating, hence the "drunk" AI gunners were born. Higher calibre secondaries are another suggestion that has been bandied about. Bigger guns with less shells but a greater range and more impact when they hit, if the secondaries are going to miss so much they need to be firing a lot more to make up for it.
  10. In their current form its quite passive I agree, but rather than say they should be excluded because of that an effort should be made to adapt them to a form that IS interactive. The issue with manual control was that it was hilariously powerful and completely unbalanced, but maybe if you could indirectly control them it would let them be interactive but balanced. Something like designating the correct target range and direction or something, like the torpedo aiming indicator and you have to keep them within the cone. Another suggestion I saw which could work was that successive shot
  11. I get WHY secondaries are bad. Im saying they should be viable as a build though, even on secondary strong ships (yamato etc) they are inferior
  12. You're absolutely right that secondaries are underwhelming, only Yamato (and Mikasa lol) have had the kind of secondaries I was hoping for, once you add every buff to them ofc. In the case of the tirpitz the torpedoes are far more powerful too, but all this begs the question of why secondaries are even there if they are going to be so bad. Whilst I run about with my full secondary spec Yamato lolling at all the hits it honestly is not very effective unless I deliberately don't evaporate them with the main battery. Obviously any buff to the secondaries will unbalance the game, especia
  13. The Tirpitz has a large number of secondaries and on paper seems good, but they suck in reality. The low damage per shot means that most of the time your hits do zero damage, even to destroyers. I tested it in a training room and it took over 100 hits to kill a fletcher, in some cases (I made 12 enemy DDs for a bigger sample) most of the damage was done by fires. The guns need a serious damage buff, the Yamato by contrast melts DDs since it's guns do enough damage to inflict damage through the hull of a DD. If this was something unique to the more armoured russian DDs then fine but the id
  14. This pretty much sums it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgNfhQFTY7g
  15. Because of the way world of warships works there is an emphasis on being able to aim well more than anything else. A perfect shot will land 3x as many hits, or even more than the average player. As such if you can shoot well and remember to keep evading should do well in any ship. With that in mind there are some ships that are "easy" to play but have a low skill ceiling. Battleships as a class are more susceptible to this but any ship that is more visible, and is more heavily armoured, will suffer from this. Ships with bad AP are also harder to play but they tend to have better stats elsewher
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