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  1. What things to do now that I'm 18 :disco: 

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    2. Dangalang_time


      Get this man a medal! That's a GREAT life tip. I wish someone told me this 10years ago.

    3. EndlessAgony


      >What things to do now that I'm 18

      Realize that not all "grown up" stuff is fun and games and then weep silently in the corner, curled up in fetal position...

      On a more serious note, congrats. What to do now? Welp, sorry to say fam, but crossing into adulthood isn't really all that special. Just don't be a fgt and do your best, I guess. Also, if you are in a country where you can drive a car 18+ and you are thinking of getting a licence and a car, don't drive like I do :serb:

    4. Android25


      No, It's not that special... and when you're 21, you don't feel any more of an adult than you did at 18

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