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  1. Because I'm bad at Replay Analyzer and need to track this with Yassen as well, i just fed it into excel and in those 22 games my average damage per game was 3291, and around 300~ assisted.
  2. Low tiers are actually fun, and on the plus side, guess who I got to kill doing this
  3. Because its a HT, it auto spawns on the north, and those hills are god tier. You are correct about rubble since it is a small vehicle, I was just using some hyperbole
  4. After some AMX 50B games and kran games, I can tell you that most certainly 50B>Kran. The bad prem pen, long intra, and slow mobility kinda kills it on maps that arent westfield. That being said, the Kran hulldown is godlike and easy to leverage. Inferior but still with a niche. The whole line leading to the Kran is decent, no real turds. The STRV 103B has no equal in terms of skill ceiling, it is my first T10 TD and im doing 3.5k-4.8k dpg depending on how not tilted I am, but it is 100% worth grinding out. The T7 TD is absolute cancer, but other than that, every tank in the line leading up to the 103B is decent.
  5. I'm looking forward to the .26 acc on this things gun over the 103-0s .37 acc. Even 350 pen didn't feel like enough when nothing hit where I aimed.
  6. How to not kill myself and speed grind it with better than 2k dpg?
  7. Who wants to gift me a WZ-111 lmao :serb: 

  8. Dishonored I'm excited for university and moving to a foreign country and all that comes with that.
  9. 80Dszu6.jpg


    Literally the most boring game I have ever played. But I finally got TD-15-3 so there is that.

    1. Tigeh


      Hehe I'm a bit jelly - would've got me TD-15.4! Grats on the mission though! Hoping to finally log in soon :/ Happy new year.


  10. I skipped the 7 and ground the 8
  11. So to tl;dr your question for myself to clarify, you are asking, how do I win/perform better when I don't have a lemming train to conduct so to speak. Or in other words, when the field is level, how do I as a player affect the field to influence a win. Going based off that and just a quick glance at your stats leads me to believe you have a problem chai sniping for no tactical advantage. Which you have already identified. So how do you overcome chai habits and play for the win? 1. Mechanical skills (aiming, leading, penetrating, movement) - 48%+ 2. Tactical skills (angling, camo, vision, positioning) - 53%+ 3. Strategic skills (map control, awareness, analysis) - 58%+ 4. Tank selection/loadout (proper equipment, gold rounds, consumables/prem consumables) - 48%+ 5. Platoon or solo; platoon composition (complimentary tanks) and quality of platoonmates - depends 6. Mental state of player (tired/drunk/awake/distracted) - depends So everything in this game boils down to these categories. I would say you probably have all of them down fairly well except strategic and perhaps tactical positioning. When you have a equal deployment flank, you have to be the influence that tips the balance in your teams favor, and there are several ways you can do that. One would be out-trade the enemy by whatever means, be it via poking your strong turret over and tracking them in place for your teammates, or camo sniping with double bushes to equalize the HP pool. Alternatively you can take an advanced position using your superior map knowledge and micro-positioning skills and be the aggressive force to clear the flank. You must be in supreme control of your HP, never make stupid trades early-mid game, because every bit of hp you lose then is a bit of carry potential you lose in the end of the game if it gets close. Essentially, you need to be the one dictating the flow of the battle and not playing re actively, but rather actively sr360 (17:43:44) the only way for you get better as a player at this point joy sr360 (17:43:48) is to know where to be and WHY This was told to me by my grumpy dad mentor @CraBeatOff who is one of the best strategical minded players in the game right now. Learning the be in the right place at the right time for the right reason will be the the key to playing at a higher WR, solo or platooning. Also, its impossible to control factors you can't control, so there is no use getting angry at artillery one-shots or campy pubbies. Rather than get pissed because of their "incompetence", harness it by altering the way you would play the game.
  12. t4: Punchy t5: Aiming t6: Comfort t7: Speedy t8: Tiny t9: Clip t10: Turret
  13. Thanks for doing this, congrats to the winners and Merry Christmas!
  14. So LT-14-3, I have, on three separate occasions fulfilled the 5K assisted requirement in a platoon of three tanks. The thing is that the game isn't recognizing that I have done it. Do I need to send a ticket to WG with replay/screenshots? Or am I reading something wrong and am just being retarded.

    1. kreigermann


      @Joyrider216, you're a far better player than I am so you will be able to do it ezpz once the right map and team comp hits. 

      For the last 3 260 missions it was the convergence of the map server rotation getting stuck on prok and malinovka and I was derping around in my bulldogs. The teams were chalk full of cancer and HTs (IIRC), so I surfed the ridge for prok and ran to the west spawn bush for campinovka. 

    2. Tigeh


      Isn't it the one that's 5k SPOTTING not 5k assist?

    3. kreigermann


      Yep specifically spotting- kemp bush/surf ridge and profit.

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  15. Prison architect I got a cool-ass wooden pen that my friend made me, and a new leather wallet because my pretty duct tape one was falling apart.
  16. The way you worded it, the best answer would be simply don't play. A more srs answer would be ignore the factors you can't control and focus on maximizing your performance and damage output in games. If you lose, its your fault.
  17. Purchased: 'Kranvagn' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 6,100,000. 238k ground in 24hrs, im so tired.
  18. GG's dude, now you are stuck writing the line review A little frustrating on my part, but I would say given the circumstances, being only 80k xp behind isn't to terrible.
  19. I think was the most fun game in the Emil 2 yet, Lakeville valley push because no artillery anywhere, the enemy could do literally nothing because I hid everything below the ridge line.
  20. Oh I have no doubt I will like it, US meds are my favorites and after playing the T95E2 on a sock, I had to get one on my main.
  21. Emil 2 is not OP at all guys. The armor is in all the right places, 252 base pen, 1600 clip, mobility out the wazhoo, simply amazing. My DPG sucks balls thanks to a couple of giggling nerds I was tooned with, and the fact I have played 450 battles in like 4 days, but looking to pull it up to the 3.5k region with no food or gold if my willpower holds out.
  22. Its to late, Im kermitted, I ground all 100k needed for the Emil 2 yesterday, and today will be grinding out 62k and credits for the 120mm on the emil 2, and then begin the final push for the kran research, and the coming up with 6.1m to buy it XDD Also for the t95e2, do I actually have to buy a T10 or just research it?
  23. To be fair, I think I tilted through yesterday fatigued, because after a good nights rest this was my first game
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