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  1. Firstly, I am finally overall green! Secondly: http://wotreplays.com/site/1072784#komarin-nethraniel-a-43 First Redley-Walter's in A-43 with 2400 DMG and 770 spotting DMG in a T6 Match with some unbelievable bounces and riccochets... gave me even a Spartan Medal... 1437 base XP
  2. I will consider a lot of this write up... I guess I need to be less aggressive and play more consistently tanks I am good with... however there is this tank collector beating in my chest ... so I need to grind more gonna catch 'em all
  3. No, it is very easily doable with a normal txt editor and a hex-color table. I recently changed black to a shade of dark grey, so it's better visible. Just replace in this part: "colorRatingNew": { "bad": "0x000000", // bad the six digits after the x with the hex color you like (I have 555555).
  4. Thank you for the welcomes! We will see where this is going.
  5. Hello there! Just found this place and thought to give it a go. I hope I can find here a bit more specific help to get better and better in WOT and had the feeling that the official WOT forums are a bit to diluted with trolls. My next goal is first to get 'all green' stats and improve even further in 100% solo-random battles. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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