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  1. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Fair enough, although you may still find that one person who complains about it at LEM. Also are tanks worth coming back to or should I just wait for overwatch?
  2. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    You can improve where you can out aim these people or nade them out with flashes and smokes. It's also pretty balanced as you get into higher skill levels where you have to play enclosed spaces to kill people. There is very little you can do to counter an arty besides hiding and waiting for you to not be spotted. The p90's not some almighty presence throughout the entire map that has no definitive counter other than avoiding it.
  3. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    You rely more on teammates on CS:GO than WoT. Also, the times you die by others are usually skill based while you can get one shot by an autistic child slamming his head on the mouse in WoT. Kinda self explanatory why you would be more tame when playing matches with like minded players wanting to win after seeing the shitshow that is WoT.
  4. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    What's your sens? At 800-900 dpi, you should have around a 1-1.5 sens to compensate for it.
  5. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Just don't get EIZO monitors if you want a 144 hz
  6. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Was SMFC until the ranks put me back to LEM. I play on and off in CS, so I haven't been able to get to Global with my lack of commitment.
  7. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    My alt is here if you want to add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198237170682/
  8. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Up to preference. M4A4 is better for holding sites by yourself due to it's fire rate and ammo capacity while the M4A1-S is better for spraying through smoke and getting easy picks at longer ranges. It really boils down to playstyle, as some of my friends prefer the lack of tracers and easier spray on the A1-S to lurk while others want the versatility of the M4A4 to lock down key positions.
  9. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    There's not much you can do from smurfs except keep an open mind and try to see how they play through watching the replays. Even if it's been a few weeks since they shifted the ranks/had csgo on sale, there's still a shit ton of people at wrong ranks (my alt account dropped from SMFC to MG2) as well as a higher proportion of hackers until the next vac wave comes along. The same WoT rule applies in CS:GO, especially in solo queue, in that you only win if you do well, so practice goes a long way. Deathmatch community servers(particularly hs-only servers and pistol servers) and aim map servers ar
  10. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Some habits to avoid before it gets worse: Crouching while spraying. It doesn't give any additional accuracy and makes you a sitting duck most times. Aiming at foot level. Always aim at head level like the others said. There's no benefit to shooting their feet for sub-par damage when the enemy can kill you in 1-2 shots to your dome. Peeking close to angles. You see more and the enemy sees less of your body if you peek farther away at corners. If you peek or hold too close to corners you may end up not seeing them while they see your shoulder, leg, etc. Long range sprays
  11. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    The ranks are all over the place right now, so just wait for the dust to settle. Upper ranks got fucked due to the average rank going down by two, so getting from LEM to SMFC is now excruciatingly difficult. Also ranks GN4 to DMG are just a shit show as people from LE/LEM are placed down there with people at that rank pre patch.
  12. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    Still waiting for the new update to settle in before picking it back up. Until then, Dark Souls is calling for me.
  13. tyehua

    CS:GO thread

    First of all, PGL made this major the best out of sheer production value with the stage, interviews, and an inside look on some of the pro's careers and how they started. It was so exciting to see upsets happen everywhere at 3-4am PST. NA didn't show up, as is tradition, and LG is still holding the title for highest chance to upset in a 1v1. The NiP magic really made me happy to see them on form until they lost to NaVi (No bald Thorin ). Also hated to see VP get dunked by G2 again (they lost a Bo1 to G2 16-0 a few months ago after Pasha said, "Kinguin no chance, my friend." the day befor
  14. tyehua

    World of Codes

    Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Keys (ends Oct. 4) MVC8-VWD6-EYBV-HXPN JL74-MQCR-NJGU-LL9E
  15. Left WoT 2 months ago to play CS:GO and am now deciding whether to come back...

    Is it worth the grind now or should I just continue playing Salt and Skin Simulator 2015?

    1. Death_Rattle_Shakes


      dont play this game, it is not any better than before

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