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  1. Thnx to Fastjeep, a blue from QC_A for saving my ass( a barely green) after getting nailed by arty twice in a row, leaving me on about 10 health roughly, He rammed a 34/100 that was yoloing for the kill, ended having my best game in that T95E2 http://wotreplays.com/site/3460962#westfield-bags2247-t95e2 edit It doubled the text up
  2. Bags

    The M103

    Just quoting this LJ, so that I can access it a little later on
  3. My current turtle is now lvl21 and is a beast, She is my bodyguard when I'm running around doing shit... But She is also my attack animal for stegos or trikes if I need some hide/and beast of burden as well
  4. It's a frigging blast to play... 8th lvl and have tamed my 1st Dino, a armoured turtle, name escapes me(sorry)... But the taming process is fairly long tbh... especially for that.. It's a lvl12, which basically means it was longer/harder to tame.... Shall look in on you guys in the above server.. but my ping will REALLY suck over there (I'm an Aussie)
  5. D/Led and it has begun.. Good Job on getting it done straight there Never...
  6. I'm no awesome tanker, and I understand that.. but I have both, I can at least make my 140 work somewhat, but after 15 battles(small sample size, I know)... I just can't sem to make it work.. But I think it's more based around my net and gpu has been screwy lately, pretty badly at some times so much so I lost about 4 days of prem time on it.. Just my 2c
  7. Ahh, ok understood... just those numbers made my lose my coffee on my desk.... Wouldn't have thought it was remotely possible to even have something near that. Thnx for the explanation there
  8. Well I was finally getting somewhere in the right direction of the goal posts... then they got moved... and I suck again/still....
  9. Well, now I feel really bad... Oh well.. getting better at least
  10. I'll be looking to buy it myself as well... It looks very cool, kinda live "Life is fuedal" with dinosaurs and guns
  11. Damm I feel old now....My eldest is around most of your ages
  12. those stop kemping ones of yours are a blast to watch.. also gives me a bit of insight on what isn't as safe as I thought it was
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