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  1. Thanks all for the answers. I appreciate the help..I finally completed the 15light mission (I camped bush in Prokharovka with bulldog - what a game... even if you keep enemies spotted your team will jusr decide not to shoot them...at the end did 5.7 k spotting). Would be nice if there was a mod like damage panel mod for spotting aswell...
  2. When I was describing those scenarios I wasn't thinking the spotters were shooting their own spotted targets. I thought the spotted enemies were constantly being shot at by our allies.
  3. When I've started the light tank missions i encountered the 4k spotting one... which I CAN't complete. So for example, when I'm in a game I don't know how well I'm doing with spotting. I'm wondering (will give some examples): - If I spotted an E-100 and I have a friendly tank near me (which can also spot E-100) and then I die...who gets the spotting damage--->me till the moment when I die and the rest goes to friendly tank or something else. - Similar scenario as the first one but this time I spot an enemy and get into cover whilst my teammate is still spotting him...do I lose my spotti
  4. Well maybe they will balance for 907 bad pen by giving it prefMM...
  5. Take a look at the minimap picture. How will you be able to destroy that SP convoy line at such large map (i know u are attacking SPs but there are 5 of them)... i guess only slow tanks won't be the best in this case.
  6. I have a problem with my overall WN8/efficiency. It took me about 5-6k battles to start playing properly (Before I rushed and died and didn't aim my shoots) and games played before that really influenced my WN8/efficiency. I noticed that it takes somewhere in between 75-100 games for my efficiency to rise for ~10. I have played 14,5k battles and 1750-1850 recent efficiency/2350-2550 WN8 So my question is at what amount of battles would I reach my recent effi/WN8 if u give in consideration that increasing of the effi is slowed by the quantity of battles and the decreasing of the differe
  7. Thanks, as i said i am trying to improve. Started playing tier 9 and 10 meds
  8. It's time to introduce myself! First of all, my Wot ingame name is anzekz and I ply on EU server. I have 14k battles under my belt (but tbh my stats suck at the moment and are improving so slowly...) and my stats started improving after 5-6k battles, thats why they are so bad. I heard about WotLabs quite some time ago but i thought it was only a stat calculator (didn't see forum thread above idk ) but a few days ago Jingles mentioned this site (shouldn't have mentioned him ) and since then I have found quite a bunch of interesting threads. Soo I've come to WotLabs cuz of interestin
  9. Looking for platoonmate after 5th of August...playing mostly tier 8-10 !!!
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