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  1. Not sure where you want to go with this question. I know that if you have activated crew training, this stays active and you can choose to tick off the mark to start getting exp on the tank again.
  2. Top right of the screen, leftmost button create, pull down, click status.
  3. ehm... I got the M46 Patton and Patton KR. I used to think the Pershing was a keeper. It was in 8/42 setting I think. But now with the Patton KR and other 8's I think it's not really a keeper anymore. I will seriously consider moving my crew to the M46 instead of getting a new crew. I liked the T-44 a Bit more tbh.
  4. Is the Pershing worth keeping now the Patton KR is here?
  5. I just got the Patton... this was a keeper bit with a Patton KR I wonder if I should sell.
  6. Well... got this now going to get the T-54 later this weekend. Rammer vstab optics? Free exp gun?
  7. https://t.co/TIxtgXClgs
    WTF Near full health STI vs. SPG for the win and then Physics, RNG and pure stupidity start happening (not in that order)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Golem501


      I was wiggling and giggling @Daezara... he hit my side at a very very steep angle.
      Otherwise he would have hit my upper structure. If he had aimed at my front he would probably have bounced anyway but the angle was wayway over 70 degrees... and he couldn't shoot down far enough, that's why I closed in.

    3. Daezara


      Wasn't questioning the side bounce, more like how he could miss your superstructure, because that would have been a pen most likely.

    4. Golem501


      50-50 shot if he's shooting AP I think.. but I was 1337 twerking ;)


  8. I used free exp for the turret and gun and got the rest later.
  9. Golem501

    AMX 50 120

    Yup... 50 120 made me cry for platoons when I went through it.
  10. Sounds like you were not spotting yourself... which is... ehm ... Well I am a scrub player but it sounds odd to me... let me check http://wotreplays.eu/site/2277282#himmelsdorf-golem501-is-6 4341 damage for 1363 base exp was an Ace... I am pretty sure I did more of them but it seems like I may not have uploaded those...
  11. I played the M6 when the KV-1S was still tier 6... I do not remember it as superstrong but it definitely had it's moments
  12. I meant you can not always purchase it. I know NA has rentals etc. and may have this special extended on sale but it will go and "normally" this tank like the Berlin tanks, like the KV-5 and some others will only be available for money in the shop, not for gold in game and only during special events... you know World War 2 ending, Battle for Stalingrad won, Berlin conquered by STRONK Sovjet forces, Japanese surrender, Wargaming winning an award, Wargaming anniversery, Christmas specials, Summer specials, Serb is in a good mood because his wife didn't catch him cheating this week... stuff like
  13. Patton KR is a special tank that's not always available though.
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