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  1. Where did the myth about Americans lower plates being weaker on the side come from?? Was it like that before? I often see streamers aim at sides of LFP of E3 for example, but when i look at the model the sides are basicly the same, if not worse to pen.
  2. You are kinda full of yourself arent you=) That will get you nowhere in this forum. So by your logic, other people with much better stats, who dont get banned nowhere near as often as you do, simply dont have as good game performance? So their stats just happened out of nothing? I dont get it.
  3. Well that game would piss anyone off, thats just really bad luck in running into baddies and one asshole. Dut i dont believe any of this happens very often at all. I certainly have hard time believing you that this happens 2 times per day for you, but if it does, you are one unlucky man. I think most of the posters here agreed that none of this shit happens as often as you describe for them, so... If you are trully this unlucky, i dont think the rest of playerbase will give enough fuck, sadly for you. But generally its not that of a common problem so no need to make big deal of it
  4. Oh it definitely does happen. For being too good, for being in top clan, for being a streamer, for playing arty. Just in no way as often as OP is fearing. Its still pretty rare. However WG should deffo schange the system
  5. Well maybe you just have very bad luck... But seriously... This shit is definitely an issue. Because from time to time it happens to good/famous players. And it needs to be fixed. However i think you are overreacting and you worry too much about it. You talk about stopping carrying games and playing like tomato to avoid permaban. You need to realize there are many more better players who barely even experience anything of what you described. So maybe you were just unlucky. I just checked and you play a lot... Like really a lot of games in short period of time. So i wond
  6. I dont know, iv had fun playing it before.. Now it just feels like im doing something wrong and i did 3rd mark so i dont play it much anymore...
  7. But then you never see everyone saying how well you played, thanking you for carrying them, wishing you a nice day nad nothing but health and prosperity to your family.
  8. I somehow doubt they would make this big of a mistake=) Otherwise WG is even more incompetent than we feared
  9. Well im not saying you lie.. I dont know why you would... But 3 times TKed per day?? You must be playing different game I think i was TKed maybe 3 times during last 1k games
  10. You have been teamkilled 7 times during a day?? Well that sounds unlikely
  11. Well WG said they want to remodel lights in the future didnt they? But they say a lot of things and even if this information about Tier X LT was serious, still it could 1. change 2. take 2 more years
  12. Around 10k. But seriously this comparing is rather silly in my opinion. You can figure out how the game and stats work in first few k battles. And then you can either grind some good tanks for max wn8 and become unicum really fast. Or you can just xp new lines and not give a shit and improve and get as many high tier tanks as possible and try new kinds of tanks like TDs and autoloaders and scouts etc..... And what happens is after 10k battles guy who focused on stats will have better overall and probably better recent, while not having as many tanks in garage and not as
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