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  1. Hey Friends, Since this Forum is completely deaded, have another Clan-Thread to shitpost in. LDMA - Lass Dampf ab We are looking for Member for our small clan. [LDMA] is a relaxed clan without any Ambition to participate in SKirmishes/Advances/Clanwars, whatsoever. If WG decides to ever create a campaign again, that is worth to play and no Battle-spam, that might Change though. We have a german core, but also other nationalities among us. As Long as you can Insult us in any european language, there shouldnt be any language barriers. We do not only recru
  2. Profanities lul. They should look at the forums as a whole again if they wanna find some more profanities.
  3. Since there is no current Frontline Thread: This is how Hitler would look like without a mustache
  4. Even tho, they are my friends, well done then. Attacking somebody because they tried to defend their cheater-pigs is pretty retarded in itself. So at least they didnt gain any boxes because of their retarded move.
  5. And tbh. those last videos dont prove a lot. Cant be sure how correct the translation is and shit. I say a lot of stuff like that myself during battles, cos after leading fucking 150 battles during this campaign on the same 4-5 maps you kind of get a feeling for what the enemy does.... (The video I saw on Mines vs FAMU was a much clearer proof in my opinion)
  6. How did the SH-Attack of RGT go then vs. NOXUS? Also I would leave this place as soon as possible again, once we get our Thread back...
  7. It was up to 9 pages at some point. They cant delete faster than people posting on the matter...
  8. They just deleted the official WG-Announcement concernig Frontline News and Mods. Lul...
  9. Seriously guys, even tho my forum-ban will be over tonight and I will engage heavily in shitposting again, try to keep that whole Flamewar about Mods a bit civilized. I mean, we all know certain clans use that kind of shit. And we all know that no one can guarantee that their clan is free of cheaters. Its pretty obvious by now that some parts of that _KEBAB team use destruction mod and whatnot, but its not 100 members of NOXUS. I would rather name&shame the single players and not the whole of turkish community or the whole of NOXUS. If we keep on going like that, t
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