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  1. Hey Friends, Since this Forum is completely deaded, have another Clan-Thread to shitpost in. LDMA - Lass Dampf ab We are looking for Member for our small clan. [LDMA] is a relaxed clan without any Ambition to participate in SKirmishes/Advances/Clanwars, whatsoever. If WG decides to ever create a campaign again, that is worth to play and no Battle-spam, that might Change though. We have a german core, but also other nationalities among us. As Long as you can Insult us in any european language, there shouldnt be any language barriers. We do not only recruit by stats, but mainly by recommendation of fellow Clan members, so if you want to join us, just hop on TS and get in touch with some people or write me a message. What we can offer: - A stunning clan, which is more like a bunch of friends - A Teamspeak-Server, with mildly offensive to disgustingly racist Servergroups - Top-of-the-Server Platoonbuddies ( if people actually play WoT) or many other games - No Drama about rules, activity requirements, General behaviour or other Kindergarten activities, Super Important Clan Stats: At the moment we are actively looking for a Clan Mascots Have fun in World of Tanks or what else you do in Life!
  2. Profanities lul. They should look at the forums as a whole again if they wanna find some more profanities.
  3. Since there is no current Frontline Thread: This is how Hitler would look like without a mustache
  4. Even tho, they are my friends, well done then. Attacking somebody because they tried to defend their cheater-pigs is pretty retarded in itself. So at least they didnt gain any boxes because of their retarded move.
  5. And tbh. those last videos dont prove a lot. Cant be sure how correct the translation is and shit. I say a lot of stuff like that myself during battles, cos after leading fucking 150 battles during this campaign on the same 4-5 maps you kind of get a feeling for what the enemy does.... (The video I saw on Mines vs FAMU was a much clearer proof in my opinion)
  6. How did the SH-Attack of RGT go then vs. NOXUS? Also I would leave this place as soon as possible again, once we get our Thread back...
  7. It was up to 9 pages at some point. They cant delete faster than people posting on the matter...
  8. They just deleted the official WG-Announcement concernig Frontline News and Mods. Lul...
  9. Seriously guys, even tho my forum-ban will be over tonight and I will engage heavily in shitposting again, try to keep that whole Flamewar about Mods a bit civilized. I mean, we all know certain clans use that kind of shit. And we all know that no one can guarantee that their clan is free of cheaters. Its pretty obvious by now that some parts of that _KEBAB team use destruction mod and whatnot, but its not 100 members of NOXUS. I would rather name&shame the single players and not the whole of turkish community or the whole of NOXUS. If we keep on going like that, they will probably remove the whole "Clan General Discussion" of the forums, which for me is at least 25% of my overall enjoyment of the game. Cya tonight for some dank memes!
  10. PIGEO is a mainly polish clan (and a bit above your level I'd guess). Out of the clans mentioned here I would have a look at RGT. Or maybe try out CRY-X, but they do require some CW-Play (I believe).
  11. If you are not interested in CW and SH (as it seems to be) then going to the official forums and opening a topic there is probably the best idea, since you can find nice social people in basically any fun-clan out there. Maybe SKILL, BLUTE and NEED are the german Fun-Clans with the highest Stat-Requirements, but im not sure about Fun-Clans in general. If you have Interest in CW and SH (which didnt sound like it so far) I would talk to certain clans with your kind of stats: S4-X, RMBLE, AWSM, G__G. But note they wont go crazy about you, because of your recents and your shit WR. So you'll have to play some Stronghold Sessions with them to convince them to take you in. Otherwise just have a general look at the Official Forums or if you are interested in Teamplay-Stuff at the latest Campaign-Rankings of german clans: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/565710-schlammschlacht-diskussion-zur-kampagne/page__st__380__p__12492589#entry12492589
  12. What else do you want from a clan except a german teacher?
  13. Ofc you can do that shit now. See latest attack of WHYME/WHYOU/SED/F15 on purple alliance causing FAME to switch alliances in order to stay on the map. Bigger problem is more, that a lot of the Top Guys stopped caring that much for one single CW or even war. A lot have fought so many battles and earned so much gold/prestige, that they are simply not in the same spirit as lets say 3 years ago... But thats the normal way every Multiplay-Game is going....
  14. Get to know people in the clans you are interested in by playing SH with them. Any decent clan today is primarily recruiting over SH to see if you are fitting gameplay-wise and social-skillz-wise into the clan. So especially if you are "not sure" if you are meeting certain requirements yet, playing SH with them is gonna show you what they expect from members and also what you need to work on, if you get declined/insulted/kicked out of SH. By simply writing an ingame Message to a recruiter you wont make them go completely crazy btw, so I would always recommend to just join some TS and have a short talk with a recruiter there. Most clans are very happy to find legionnaires for their SHs. Also be sure what you want from a clan and have some brief ideas what different kind of clans are out there. With your kind of stats and the will to participate in SH/CW, something like EFE-X could be withing your range, if you dont suck at teamplay. Last hint: If your stats suck, 3 MoEs always help
  15. Seeing how the M48 plays out, would you say its worth going up the line for me? I dont really enjoy the M46 and absolutely love the E50M. Also I dont really like to play mediums in randoms anymore at all. Or am I not understanding something utterly amazing about the M48?
  16. -AMX 50 120 is a very good tank. -All Autoloaders in this game have too high of a skill-cap and shouldnt be in the game. Good players are destroying Random Battles in autoloaders. -Rampage is great. -E5 is balanced.
  17. Yeah im also waiting for "35 free xp=1 gold"-discount to get there and buy the Tier 9. Dont want to start playing T7 Meds ever again.... Hope LOTI is still good Matra!
  18. Thats even easier than my Kolobanovs in full-health E75 vs Tier 8s and 7s.
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