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  1. I think that is the reason for a lot of my bad games actually. I overestimate the armor a lot, cause it's my first tier 10 and I've heard so much good about this armor.
  2. I knew that was the wrong idea as I did it, but just ignored that thought. I was thinking that I should push far enough that the meds in the middle couldn't shoot me and that I couldn't be shot by arty. Didn't notice the E-100 telling me to halt, so thought he was coming with me.
  3. So after 109 battles in the IS-7 and 2,222 average damage, I have come to realize that I suck at playing the IS-7. So I am asking for tips on what to do. Am I using my armor badly? Are there better positions for me to be hulldown? Am I playing to aggressively? I want to get my average damage at least to a level where I would be accepted into a good clan (2600-3000). From my perspective, what is stopping me from doing well is: Situational armor (Only reliable when front and hulldown) and bad gun handling/penetration. For equipment/crew skills I have: Rammer/Vert.Stabs/GLD Commander: Six
  4. I didn't fail because I want high dpg, I failed because I have no clue how to be a med with no gun depression on Murovanka yet.
  5. 1: Binocs because max spotting range and bush op... Will probably get automatic fire ext 2: Thank you, that's useful advice! I'm not that good at the new Murovanka in general. 3: You're probably right. I think my main focus there was staying alive. 4: Again good advice. It's that "I'm all alone, complete panic, run away" mode that ruins it for me 5: I like having good dpg. It brings in lots of credits/xp and makes my stats look pretty
  6. Thinking about this specific match, but also in general: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=56559 Not necessarilly to win, but how do I do enough damage so that my dpg isn't totally screwed up? Yea, I know I could have probably aimed those shots better, but still, RNG does what it does and I end up paying for it..
  7. Replay: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=53810 Couldn't get there in time to shoot the mediums, sadly.
  8. Played mines in IS-3, they had mediums, we didn't. Naturally they got on the hill first. Then we lost. How do you counter that? Is there any way to minimize the advantage of the hill?
  9. First match in IS-7, Westfield. One of the reasons i lost was that I was engaging an E100 on the hills, we were both hulldown. I put about 4-5 shots, some premium into the flat turret cheeks, but no pens. This took up time I could have used to kill other tanks, therefore we lost. Now, with my over 300 premium pen, I should be able to pen the turret-cheeks of E100, shouldn't I? Should I instead have aimed for the weaker armor on the bar on top of the turret, with a higher risk of missing?
  10. Hi, average noob here I have played some tier 6 and 7 lights and have started noticing that even though I think I'm scouting, I don't get any spotting damage. It seems like to get any spotting damage I have to go so far forwards that enemies will just kill me. Example 1: On Prokhorovka in T37, going to spot 1/2 line, notice I have 3 high tier TD's as backup as well as another scout trying to scout a little more aggressively than me. I set up in a bush at B/C 1 and wait. Other scout spots 2 T-54s and dies after a while. Now I am not far enough forwards to get spotting damage, but if i mov
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