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  1. For me it was a money grind thing. Is3 is easily one of the best T8 heavies. A slightly slower one with faster reload for grinding money makes it easymode. I don't use it for crew training, I have a KV5 for that. The gun is good enough and fires fast enough to make money easily in tier, and is still relevant ENOUGH when you get shafted with a T10 game. One of the better premiums if looking at from ONLY an ease of making money perspective. 221 pen base rounds mean not much HEAT is needed. If you need a crew trainer at all, look elsewhere.
  2. ArrogantWorms, raging about me shooting APCR with my Chaffee(T5) at his shiny Panther 8.8 (T8). Delicious tears.
  3. Same here. Always I attributed it to lag, but after a few shots that were against stationary targets that just did not show anything other than the shot fired effects, im a believer. For me it has only been 9.7, no other issues with it in the past.
  4. Thrawn series needs to be a movie(s). It is brilliant. I wouldn't mind the Jedi Academy series either. A ship that can make stars go supernova? Where the hell is Michael Bay? He should be drooling over such a special effects softball...
  5. What happened to the dark lord of pubs? I'll be interested to see your take on the China lights. A lot of purples I've read said time has not been kind to them. I have zero experience, but the idea of a speedy hardhat has appeal. Also, is the Taiwanese Chinese Type 64 still king of the T6 stronk meta? I've been doing OK in mine, but have yet to see that "ZOMG THIS IS OP" moment.
  6. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/csbassplayer-na-ded8a1bbf024c2aee4a643458dcea57e/erlenberg-soviet_union-is_7-46380021821206390 I'll bite. This game I felt could have been so much better. Granted, we kind of got hosed by the E50Ms who decided to stay back, but whatever. I went down the 9/0 area because I knew the E100s on their side would be going castle, and so far after about a half dozen 1 on 1s with an E100, I can't beat them solo (I've got about 4 replays where I tried and failed), so I decided I would be useless to my team trying to do something I'm going to fail at. Just FYI,
  7. Use the short 8.8. Bring your checkbook.
  8. Zeven, what is your philosophy with regards to initial deployment for tanks with really bad gun depression (I.E. your Chinese lines, etc...)? I play the T-34-3 a lot for instance, and generally play it well (1450 dpg, which VBAddict puts at a 2150 over 350 games, and I rarely shoot HEAT for money reasons) and can get around the limitations (fire control, depression), but a few maps I have trouble with due to the lack of a good place to go. For instance, Abbey, north spawn. I know the 1/2 lines are the important part of that map, but other than the low road (which is usually TD/Heavy sniped)
  9. How will this effect past games played with those tanks? Or does it only update going forward?
  10. The 4S could have been good if it was more mobile.
  11. Good explanation. Makes sense to me (even though I'm a -3 fanboi)
  12. The only support heavy I know of is a wreck I can use to hull down or side-scrape off of...
  13. So asking for legit input on playing better is "crapping on your name"? I see nothing here to suggest he was doing anything other than looking for help. And I still have yet to read anything suggesting what exactly he should have done. Where was your instruction exactly? You pinging a map qualifies as instruction? Then, when things go wrong you sperg? At that point, did it even matter. The game was a lopsided win.
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