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  1. Is there not a danger that people will shoot the side of the mantle? ( small chance but still)
  2. best tank(s) for the clan season camos?

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    2. no_name_cro


      Wait for STB to go HD for epic camo look.

    3. Megrin


      STB looks hella modern, so is Leo1 actually.

      Or you can wait for Obj 430 HD?

      now that I think about it, AMX 30B and T10 would be nice too

    4. no_name_cro


      1. Put it on tanks you like and play
      2. Higher tier tanks are always nice
      3. Aim for HD just because it looks better on HD tanks.
      4. You can never go wrong by waiting for some tanks since they don't expire

      This is how I would do it.

      Also @Megrin of course STB and Leo1 look modern since they are one of most modern tanks in game. :D 

  3. nudisti & Kazza_Chr added to the roster Couple of spots left for lucky ones!
  4. Update: we are now also playing in the Saturday Demolition Derby tournaments!!
  5. Black Crusade ESL-page a Fairly new international team is looking for fresh blood! Black Crusade is an international, English speaking team playing: ESL, Teambattles and all sorts of tournaments. Our aim is to keep a relaxed atmosphere while winning some prizes.Requirements:• At least decent spoken English.• Ability to play as a team and communicate.• Activity• Statistics: WN8 overall ~2000, recent ~2700• Usable tanks (STB-1, TVP 50/51, FV215B & 113...)All of the new members will be tested. To contact us, leave a message in this topic or to aggroblner &
  6. Didn't really like the Lorraine myself because it has no camo and is a large target, but if you play it as a second line support tank it can be quite good. Just don't try to circle anything that isn't t95.
  7. not quite, 192 ap pen, but about 20 worse apcr pen sadly
  8. I bought this thing earlier today Pros: the camo looks awesome, better ap (marginal) than pershing, faster than pershing, good for credits (ez 70k as mentioned), doesn't get penned by HE like cdc, Cons: worse turret than pershing, worse apcr than pershing, slightly worse view range than pershing overall I would recommend
  9. Sadly no you cannot remove them from a tank, or preview them, i have decided to only put it on HD tanks because of the scuffs etc make it seem less minecrafty. (also non box tanks don't suffer as badly either).
  10. The win rate would make it seem that way, 11k wn8 is possible, yet ~119% wr is not statistically speaking.
  11. Pershing is preferable, as cdc and fcm are too soft, cdc especially. (also pershings apcr rounds help) but FCM is better than cdc i think. this is for SH tho, not for randoms. FCM for randoms is probably better due to +1mm
  12. Apparently, they are making m46 a lot bigger next patch ---> http://i70.fastpic.ru/big/2015/0712/78/15c875d05f8e2a4b7dd3d25f173d8278.gif I'm not sure if this is good or not, good because of easier to poke ridges (also more patton), worse, more tanks to shoot.
  13. They may be shooting HEAT rounds... Do you have any replays?
  14. Is it just me, or is the top of the turret a bit taller?
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