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  1. @_Assad http://warthunder.com/en/news/4671-italian-aircraft-in-war-thunder-update-1-69-regia-aeronautica-en MARIO MARIO SPAGHETTI MARGHERITI
  2. have you heard of this really fun game called for honor or mass effect super deluxe edition
  3. if you cant notice the wire dragging along your desk then dont bother with wireless. the main reason i went with wireless was due to the g400s cord starting to snag on the end of my desk. i could feel the resistance when moving my mouse left or right and it was a huge pain in the ass. learned the g403 uses the same tech as the g900. excellent in latency and response rate against competitor wired mice. the battery lasts a surprisingly long time too. with lights enabled it'll go for about 2 days of gaming before needing to recharge. i just plug it in before i go to bed every other day.
  4. g403 wireless master race wireless is heaven i would never go back to wired
  5. I haven't played any of Star Citizen yet but considering it's still deep in development, releasing playable content seems like a questionable idea. It kind of reminds me of full playable games with millions of players but somehow still has the "Beta" tag on it as an excuse to say "Yeah well it's not finished yet". We get closer and closer to Star Citizen's eventual release date, but there are people already making their first impressions on their interpretation of "gameplay". I already purchased a founder pack in like 2013 or something and I don't plan on refunding, I'll be playing t
  6. Aquavolt

    Ace Combat Series

    >ace combat with laeerzors i know some people would complain about how unrealistic planes with lasers are, but it's ace combat. you cant even argue its cheesy or dumb because well, it's ace combat. all aboard the hype train choo choo
  7. Was that actually you that was in my match earlier in Titanfall 2?

  8. Aquavolt

    Ace Combat Series

    ac7 confirmed at psx 16 o boy
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