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  1. Explain how anything I said in the post showed a bad attitude.
  2. Gee i would try to join them but sadly only have 1 tier 10 in my garage..
  3. Hey there! Since i'm on wotlabs i didnt feel the need to list my stats since you can just hover over the stat bar thing... So heres what I got. I have some past CW experience and i'm about 30k exp from the IS-7. I currently have a BC-25t and I'm looking for an ACTIVE clan that does CW, Tournaments, and Platoons regularly! Thanks for your time.
  4. ive had about 3 games like that. 6-5k dmg games in batchat and I get artied and killed by some **** camping in a corner. Had enough of this weekend.
  5. Hey there! I'm looking to do a T10 platoon so I can train up my crew in my Bc25t for CW! Post your IGN below and or MSG me ingame (Burnout856) and ill send you an invite as soon as you respond
  6. Can someone link me to replays on any tactics on how not to die as fast? I angle my armor when I'm driving at tanks, sidescrape, all of that but I still manage to be one of the players that doesn't do anything to help the team
  7. My wr has gone down a whole percent due to a team with 14 players with 100 wn7/wn8, and 40 overall wr. wtf is this?
  8. This usually happens to be when I try to snapshot around a corner and hit the earth...
  9. I'm looking for a platoon mate(s) to improve my stats, and learn some new tactics to last longer and do better on the battlefield. Grinding T69 and Doing SuperPersh for credits.
  10. Good luck and happy tanking. Welcome to the forums.
  11. Thank you, I was looking for this review. +1
  12. Hmmm, Can anyone link me to T57 Heavy Replays so I know how to play it when I get to it? I'll be starting medium lines as the T57 Heavy Is the only T10 HT I will get..
  13. Yeah, I said it. I suck ass at this game and I need some help on how to do better. I Seriously hate being the last tank alive and I can't do shit about it because everyone else is better than me. Any suggestions?
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