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  1. i am prone to inflammatory comments it is true however the following is also true - i rebutted your points - you failed to make your case -you stopped replying personally i consider that a win at any rate i think i need to retire from this thread, soley because im becoming the sole reason for the derailment of otherwise generally good natured banter , and i feel like my continued comments will lead to more arguments that do not belong here. i have strong opinions as do others and that is just how it is
  2. give me a couple of days and ill make a full topic in the sane asylum for you, ive been thinking about it for a while now and it looks like now would be a good time. i have debated storm and others on this before and won and i have no problem debating yourself and anyone else who wishes to prove me wrong. going patreon costs you no more than a dollar and you can debate me all you like in the appropriate section. continued posts of this nature here however i do not think are a good idea for this thread
  3. you could always pm if you think your right, which you are not because i have actually done my research on muslim immigration and know for a fact it does not work. note that i am actually pro immigration we are after all a country built on immigration and controlled immigration is necessary to keep our economy and population moving. i just do not believe that islam can integrate into western society the world is a cold place my friend, innocents gassed in aleppo, the US army bombs hospitals, russian mercenary's slaughter civilians for fun in Georgia. rape armies operating in the democratic republic of congo resulting in an entire generation of children bred from rape sadly it is simply the world we live in.
  4. yes the innocent people "a moderate muslim will hold your head down while an extremist muslim cuts your head off" you should be thankful you live in a country with a low muslim population. or perhaps you should ask the swedes, germans or french how accepting unrestricted immigration is working out for them. rape and sexual assault crimes at an all time high and real statistics deliberately hidden by socialist governments. pandering to these so called oppressed people who come to western countries and do not integrate but demand islamic colonization pull your head out of the sand also ask yourself this question why is it in Australia we have cultures from all over the world that have successfully integrated with us chinese, vietnamese, indians, western/ eastern europeans. yet it was the Muslims who rioted for no reason at all destroying property and beating people up. and when Australians react and do the same suddenly were the racists. islam is a toxic culture that has no place in western society
  5. westybig

    Sokath, his eyes open.

    deus always parlays the dankest memes
  6. ive found few positive reviews for the game and those that are mostly say the game isnt worth more than $30. id wait for the price to drop before trying it out
  7. westybig


    id rather walk over 3 kilometres of glass coated in acid than play that gaem again, still love you tho hemang
  8. westybig

    No Man's Sky

    it looks like a game with solid foundations, the trouble being it has built nothing on those foundations. and the $60 asking price is ludicrous hype milking. im interested to see if the dev's can patch in some decent content to make the universe worth exploring
  9. westybig


    what i expect if i join i get priority to run artillery generous gold payments which i will brag about excessively in teamspeak caressing of my fragile blue ego and the right to call people shitters whenever i please
  10. westybig

    No Man's Sky

    i honestly never saw the division fail train coming although i full well should have. my own fault and $80 AUD ill never get back. that was the last game i give money to in any form before i can actually play the finished product. i actually did quite a bit of research on the division before i prebooked it. sadly i couldnt forsee the devs treating it like a free to play grinder