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  1. I barely know who you are. Look at the chat logs - I've got nothing to apologise for. What would you two beta male orbiters do if [KITTY] had to choose one of you?
  2. My 'unmentionable parts' are my testicles - them being treated badly is because we got our balls kicked off by KITTY in strongholds. I am not upset about it in the slightest. You poking fun at being called statpadders only works if you believe I was being serious - That's how sarcasm works. It's clear from the daft log you posted that I'm obviously not being serious, so the replies make no sense. I'm not accusing you of anything, mate. Oh no, actually, I guess I'm accusing you of being super-serious about Internet tanks and maybe being friendzoned by KITTY.
  3. Ow, my feelings. Games matter to me! Listen mate, you're the one trying to say that I was out of order with my behaviour and that Matra guy, who I never once saw on Teamspeak, or in strongholds, or in a platoon, or engaging in any way with the clan he was in (because he was still thinking about the girl that turned him down) is saying that he just had to leave because being in -MM was bad for his poet's soul. That chat log just looks like good natured banter to me, except you guys got salty about being called statpadders at the end. What in that chat log am I supposed to feel bad about? I've got nothing but respect for KITTY and your weird defence of a clan you're not in just isn't needed. Waterwar was just mistaken and took offence to something that wasn't intended as such. No biggie, at least not for us.
  4. Haha, oh my! Your jimmies do sound rustled in fairness. I honestly didn't think anyone cared that much about tier V or SH. That example sounds like exactly what happened in Strongholds when I poked fun at you. Someone messes about with you and you IMMEDIATELY take it super-seriously. I mean, you're crying about being called a mr. sexii reroll while at the same time being proudly titled 'seƱor mr. sexii'. Regardless, I don't speak for other adults so maybe they did make you feel bad. I thought [KITTY] was fun?
  5. Do you mean the chatlogs where I jokingly called you all 'stat-padders' and then followed it with a '<3' and then your team got their jimmies rustled and started trying to flame really badly? Feel free, it should be good for a laugh.
  6. Dom: I'm going to lose contact with people then give out the wrong name for our recruiter. You are literally the worst clan member.
  7. My unmentionable parts still hurt from being treated badly by you guys in random SH the other day. I hope you're happy.
  8. TS has been quiet recently - I wonder if you could see into the 'come keep me company channel'? I've been RL busy for a bit so organised play dropped off a little. I'll flash you an invite next because I should be drinking tonight. You're always welcome on our server. You never know, you might get a channel named after you if you're retarded enough.
  9. Okay, so yeah, I finished writing terrible terrible papers for the Glorious People's Republic of Liverpool's Top University of Red-bricks and Whiskey so we're now actively recruiting again to replace inactives and people that are annoying/not annoying enough. Clan average is over 9,000 (2k Wn8) so we're looking to recruit players that have padded their stats to around that level unless you've suddenly become a WoT god in the last 1000 games and make my man-parts tingle when I look at your recents. In fact, don't even speak to me, speak to iSol8r or lads or jodgi or paulcoo or Fyreon or me. We're a clan of 'whatever is the opposite of tryhards' that accidentally got decent at the game and want to laugh maniacally on teamspeak while shooting things in the face together. Once everyone in the world stops being a huge dickface over the new individual missions I'll be running strongholds and stuff again so we can, like, totally do that.
  10. I tend to treat perfect-sidescraping like I would a hull-down IS-7; I don't engage it unless it's time to kill that guy. I'll either completely just drive away and take up a different fight, rush him, or flank him but I'll never trade shots with him. Most of the time though people sidescraping will actually either come out really gingerly and so give you easy shots on static hull/turret weak spots or they'll expose lower glacis.
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