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  1. Thanks for the tips! It's a struggle to relearn the best ways to approach maps. And highly supporting the compliment to Kolni for providing quality content to these forums. On a side note, I'd really love some visual guidance for good potential starting spots on the maps...
  2. Such as "corona virus", which is a group name, but everyone knows it refers to the American Disease / Bergamese Mala Aria / Big Apple Sleepy Lung (considering it's quite alright naming things where the main outbreak currently is). I've only found references to Chinese virus after what Jesse succinctly referered to as "When you CROSS OUT the word and write "my enemies" in its place, that's politicizing." That has little to do with holding China responsible for the outbreak, that geopolitical pressure, and propaganda to your own people (who are clearly swallowing it). Wuhan virus likewise I don't find any common use. The virus from Wuhan, in the early days, sure. But that's not a name. That's a pure geographical indication. Anyway, currently losing my grandmother (old age - corona isn't even checked). Cannot say goodbye because of the lockdown. My mom (her daughter) can and did, but I'm honestly a bit scared for may parents now - as they have been to areas where infection can possibly spread now.
  3. Well the graphs on intensive care and deaths, not the infections. The latter are skewed from the start.
  4. Yeah, so I did say that's not a value statement of the China PR government. And even the worst valuation there doesn't warrant adopting aggressive political propaganda stances. There's a difference between slang and jokes and official statements with a clear accusatory intent. Don't be naive and consider Western governments above the same strategies as those we tend to look down upon was all I'm saying. On a side note there, most countries, including China, including the US, significantly tried to downplay the outbreak, even after it was too late. Our graphs started to flatten and now spiked again.
  5. Lyme didn't start out at something called otherwise. Don't confuse a value statement of the China PR government with a clear political propaganda move. People weren't calling this Chinese virus or flue before some orange dude manually crossed out part of his speech notes. Pot, kettle, in term of regime policies from an outside perspective.
  6. It is also for purely political and propaganda reasons that some elements try to rename it into the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus at this point. That is different than for viruses which historically did take a typonym which became commonly known. Here Coronavirus and Covid-19 became known widespread first. Pointing a finger at China here only has political goals. Don't forget that, even if "it's logical because the virus came from China".
  7. That's difficult until the peak is clear. If we are passed that, we will without a doubt help out where possible.
  8. Hmm, second day in a row that the number of new hospital cases is going down in Belgium. Let's hope people stick as much as possible to the measures still and don't get a false sense of success too easily. Plus we've got a ticking time bomb on our border with the Netherlands and their "group immunity is the way to g... omg our hospitals cannot take this"-approach.
  9. That's what Europe and the US are doing (only testing those near death and health professionals), and yet they are leading the charts now. Russia on the other hand just sees a completely unrelated surge in deaths due to pneumonia. But luckily only a 100-odd corona cases! In all seriousness, this combating this virus is partially about protecting the risk groups, but mainly about safeguarding sustainable health care and hospital infrastructure. Madrid has people lying in the hospital corridors. If that happens, what do you think happens to the chances of other seriously ill people and trauma cases?
  10. Thank you so much for putting the time in to do this with what was a session of what even I considered sub-par play (and my on par play ever was barely even close to half yours). So I can only imagine the frustration at the play on your end. I have a tendency to be over-aggressive, so in learning maps and positions, there's where the over-cautiousness comes in. There were a few instances where you opened my eyes to a few instances of game reading, and the trade in exposing yourself and making sure you get the damaging shot off. In other instances I actually saw that happen on the minimap but simply lack the current meta and map knowledge to know how to react to it. I'm then I'm too nervous in tier X to try new things... I should also start watching my own replays, as there were a few instances where I noticed how long my gun was out of the fight. And I was yelling at myself for not moving or reacting earlier. Apart from obvious learning through experience I take away as most important: - better map awareness in terms of team composition and taking or losing key areas. - making more sure to deal damage, on important targets, even if it means exposing yourself a bit more. - faster repositioning or aggressive action if your gun is out of the game - more focus on depleting repair kits before that aggressive action. I guess I should go with the flow and run food in the end then as well. (Though the last few days I just forgot how to play at any tier it seems.)
  11. That's exactly what I'm experiencing. I feel good on a few maps, but others and tier X it's extremely difficult to be consistent.
  12. @igorCRO ik zie dit nu pas, altijd welkom om wat te chatten of te platoonen. (I was on a break for a long time - I am still rusty.)
  13. No masks available here, they are all for health care workers. I do see a bunch of perfectly fit people in the shops that clearly bought them up beforehand (despite government orders to now donate them to doctors, nurses, and people working in retirement homes).
  14. If you do 4745 damage in your tier 9 medium, clap your hands. (3 mediums doing exactly the same damage in one game)


    1. echo9835


      Clap Clap!

    2. Diriz0n


      that is great forĀ  a tier 11 med too.

    3. Private_Miros


      I do mean that 3 tier IX meds did exactly the same damage in the same game. You don't see that often.

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