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  1. Playing tier X some more, and apart from the more shit meta, my biggest issue remains penetrating shots that I easily penetrate when driving a tier VIII tank in a tier X battle.

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    2. Snoregasm2
    3. LetsMakeTheMagic


      Thanks for the link my dude. I try to read every post of kolni because I really enjoy his way of thinking. I'll give it a read.

      I only bought back the PTA because of him. 

    4. ProxyCentauri


      If someone by coincidence happen to read this thread, pls click on Snoregasm's link ^^
      That thread by Yung is pure gold, arguably the best thread regarding tier X play in current meta
      on this forum atm. So much to pick up, not only by Yung but side-comments and self-criticism
      from other good players etc

  2. I presume the stats don't tell the full story with the US tanks and the gun handling. I three marked mine with hardening, vents and rammer. And the thing snap shots like a dream. As with all US 105mm, don't try to snipe over 300m, but apart from that, you will hit. I presume simply because the aim time is relatively low, and an unaimed US gun hits more than an unaimed German gun.
  3. I don't think OP's TigerP-is-the-best-tier-7-heavy-gameplay-abilities and his kwalitipoastin are going to challenge you for those privileges any time soon.
  4. Strange, some dude made a similar thread for tier 6 earlier. Hope it doesn't become a thing, these threads. T29 and 45TP. Personally I'd say T29, since that's really a tier 8 tank with tier 7 HP.
  5. "Do you even know who I am?" seems a bit out of place as a question in this thread.
  6. Because it's better than the others. It has alpha, dpm, mobility and view range, coupled with armor that works in tier and it isn't a giant target. There are non-meta tier 8 tanks I get less dpg in that this.
  7. If I've learned anything from the official forums and the 2.5k and 3k damage Chuck missions, they are for the majority of the player base, keeping in mind that the average forumite is already above average.
  8. Stats not updating for me and the signatures apparently not always working. Needs a day and a reset to catch up again after the update or something wrong?
  9. SU-130PM (normally my go-to money maker) - 7 battles: 37.8% hit rate, only 46% of which in turn penetrated and damaged. Horrible day, and still I'm light blue. How do average players even get worse results?

    1. kolni


      better players fire more shots

      my hitrate/penrate isn't special

      but my amount of shots fired per game is likely 3 times more


      maps with fairly obvious blind bushes i will spend a lot of time spamming shots on reload on when i can't make any active moves

      only drawback is ammo count but that is not a problem for like 90% of the tanks in the game anymore

  10. I always play forest when I can North spawn, and almost never play it South spawn. South spawn the best option is to camp the left bottom quarter but maintain vision on the middle and the South. (I should check with the replay analyzer, but my feeling is Murovanka is one of the maps I win more on than average.)
  11. I did go there a few times and got some decent games. Sometimes they don't go there or they are camping the entrance, in which case you just fall back around to the middle.
  12. Ah, yes, sorry, I thought you meant just getting tier X. Getting all decorations? Nah. Even with a gift of 25 boxes I'm still miles away from that.
  13. Ah, maximize the speed at which to miss. I think I just loathe the Skorp gun tbh.
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