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  1. So, you use a VPN is my conclusion. I'm also quite sceptical regarding the blog you linked.
  2. I expected the introduction post to read: "... but it turns out it has been 2 that just flew by because I finally started to enjoy my game time." Hi, we all turned sour.
  3. Random thought: World of Tanks was successful because it was a basically a 1vs29 battle royal game before those were cool.

    1. Medjed


      It definitely felt like that most of the time i was playing it.

  4. Whips the dust off his banning wand.
  5. This is what I don't get from people. How can they not imagine what any person in a difficult situation, be it physically, mentally or socially (or all three, as, well... here) must be getting in terms of stupid comments? That things that might be funny once, twice, maybe trice, are never funny the sevenhundreth time?
  6. Oh, I believe you need to be able to treat every subject with humour, but it should be obvious it is humour that respects its subject, rather than humour at the cost of its subject. Political correctness also helps no one I didn't show up here on my own, we were notified by persons who were very much unsure which category yours was. Be aware that it simple was that kind of ice breaker where if you did it in a company, more than a few winces and an uncomfortable silence would follow. I'll let you in on some Belgian insider knowledge. The waffles are for the tourists. We survive on trappist beers and the occasional frites (with mayo). Still mostly beer though. Perhaps with our exchange above, maybe one of the people that is emotionally invested in this subject might be willing to provide with some kind of view.
  7. It is a pity that a lack of insults and adult conversation is a buzz kill for you. Some people have bigger issues in life and happiness than baiting and discussing silly memes in blatantly wrong contexts. This cold, lifeless sociology lecture is very much human and alive and captures serious mental struggles some people have to go through in their lives, compared to fucking memes. You were warned about the use of derogatory terminology. Since I am involved in this conversation and - wrongly - wished to believe you were a sensible adult who (awkwardly) attempted light banter about a serious subject I forfeited my right to sanction here. But WoTLabs moderation has taken note. Off-brand Frenchie is the lamest most irrelevant attempt at insult that ever got aimed at me, my dear Mexican. At least you can produce something that raises a brow.
  8. Your use of words is either socially awkward or baiting. In any case, I don't think penalizing you would serve anything. Censure for political corectness is as harming as narrowmindedness is, and I loathe both. You seem to have an issue with lebals and getting frustrated when people don't behave you see fit for that label. You give the clear example for women. Feel free to think that way obviously, just don't force that view on others. Regarding the question, though I am someone who biologically and in terms of sexual orientation falls well within what is average, it seems quite simple to me. Adult people love and respect adult people who love and respect them. You don't need much labels for that. If you nonetheless wish to ask yourself questions, ask the following. Biologically and evolutionary a minority of individuals is born with external or internal gender characteristics of both sexes or of a sex that does not align with their chromosonal make-up (we all develop from the same embryonic template anyway). So, if for what matters, namely the way your phycial make-up determines your thinking, you are female and you like men, but have physically male characteristics, are you then straight or gay? The answer logically seems to me to be both but also that the question is nonsensical. One could argue that after a gender transition at least for society the answer is more "clear", at this point she would be straight according to social norms. On a personal side note, this need to "identify" with a group is to me something American. "LGBT", "African-American", etc... all those labels for sexual orientation or race. And then they wonder why people make such disinctions based upon those labels... It's human to have an us vs them mentality. Putting labels enforces this.
  9. This. This is exactly what WoTLabs is about. Just like when you play badly, it's your own fault. The fact that you have inadequate forum etiquette is your own fault. True, we are not the most accessible forum, but we are closer to real life. If, in my job, I get someone like you asking me questions that can easily be searched, I'll answer once or twice. The tenth time, you're bottom of my to-do-list. The fiftieth time, you'll be the main example of the person to ignore in lunch time rants with anyone whose help you might also need at some point. Luckily, you only seem to be impulsive and lazy (and now defensive), so you strongly belong to the bracket of people that can learn from their mistakes.
  10. 7th time good time. Every clan needs fast learners.
  11. User "LSSAH" ... really???

    1. Private_Miros


      There's a report function ;)

      Anyway, thanks for the heads up; I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

    2. Folterknecht


      Just now, Private_Miros said:

       I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

      I think it's exactly the right choice of words

  12. You know I came here to merge this thread with the first one, but now...
  13. Ow bloody hell guys, are you really dragging me into an MM is rigged discussion of old like on the official forums? I'll summarize my view point since 2011. MM 15 vs 15; in the form it has always been, with random players and random RNG, favours baddies and pulls everyone to the mean. You don't need to rig such a system to hurt the good players. All changes since then also favour pulling players to the mean (premium ammo for credits, limited MM spread, the 3-5-7), it all serves the diminish the impact of one player - and the 3-5-7; of a platoon on average - on the outcome of a game (although premium ammo plus 3man-platoons and no 3-5-7 made 80% possible for a while). You don't even need rigging for that. If you do cry rigging, numbers and data god damnit, because if you are human you will always belief the system is out to get you based on perception only. TL:DR: WoT is a success because the MM is rigged without it being actually rigged.
  14. Leaving that thread open would only have served a(n admittedly likely enjoyable) shitstorm of sarcastic answers. We try to keep those out of vehicle discussions. We are lead to believe there are no stupid questions and nobody is bad at something. Well, newsflash, there are, and everyone sucks at something, and most at many things. And you know what, that's fine. That's how life is. The only way to learn is to realize that, and work from there. This forum was built upon those principles.
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