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  1. Ranked got me my very first chat ban I think. Although, honestly, I cannot remember why that would be.

    1. Private_Miros


      I actually asked WG to motivate the ban and point out my infraction.

      I got this answer: "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate"

      To which I responded: Can you share this substantial evidence?

      Answer: "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore"

      Reaction: but how can is there substantial evidence then? What was the violation or are the violations specifically?

      Answer: "I invite you to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one."  / ticket closed.

    2. Private_Miros


      New ticket:


      I hate to create another topic, but Ticket ID 130724155 was closed before I got a satisfactory response - despite the quite explicit "If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again."

      In that ticket it was stated that the time stamp and log of alleged violation cannot be provided as "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore", yet at the same time it is communicated clearly that "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate".

      These two statements are extremely contradictory. You cannot state both that you somehow have massive logs of my committing substantial violations (which I refute) while not managing that information at all.

      It is my right as a consumer to understand and get a motivated reasoning behind an action negatively affecting me, without me being threatened by "invit[ing me] to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one." That breaking the game rules is an offense and that sanctions are attached to offenses is self-evident.

      This issue has gone from me asking the exact time stamp and log of this serious violation warranting a chat ban (which I shall submit to if justified but wish to know the reason of - as is my right) to customer support bluntly accusing me of being a serial and substantial violator of the game rules!

      Kind regards

    3. Private_Miros



      Answer: "With regards to this case, you were found in violation of our game rules and was given a temporary chat suspension. Specifically inappropriate behaviour in chat." / ticket closed


      So no idea how their system works. I generally don't use swear words, though the occasional well that was fucking stupid/retarded/idiotic might be there. So either it's a counter that never resets. Or someone got very salty at me and reported me, most likely a platoon.

  2. Every time I play tier 10 I forget how to play and start to fail in all tiers.

  3. T-55A is my nemesis. Struggling to get games with over 1k damage in this piece of crap. It never hits any shots.

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    2. Private_Miros
    3. Bobi_Kreeg
    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I would have never assumed anyone on wotlabs is shooting AP in the T55/T54.

  4. Actually giving this clan thing a try again.

    1. arthurwellsley


      you picked a very fun clan to try it ....

    2. Private_Miros


      We'll see :P Actually still only had contact with those that I already knew before.

  5. Having one of my biggest set backs since my return last year in January. Barely managing to penetrate 3 or 4 shots per game (despite shooting 20-25 times per game in close combat or map controlling locations). Just a week long now, nothing works out. Had a few decent games, but not a single good one, and 80% just ridiculously bad.

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    2. Private_Miros


      Another day of struggling to reach 1k WN8... My stats are is free fall.

    3. Snoregasm2


      @Private_Miros yeah, I'd echo what @tajj7 said and take a break/switch tiers (are you still playing tier 10?), otherwise maybe try platooning for a few games? Even if you just go to the same spots, at least you have support if you get into trouble.

    4. LamaLeif


      Hit me up if any of you euros are interested in platooning, I'd be up for mitigating the amount of influence random plebs have on my team.

  6. Welcome, you made your first post in the purple poaster section, where the posts need to be approved. Don't let that form of "censorship" scare you back into the lurk though.

    1. Kuratovsky


      A genuinely warm welcome from the Head Moderator themself, I'm honored! This place truly is a breath of fresh air compared to your average WoT community platform. Regarding the approval needed in that section, I thought it had to do with me being new, but this makes sense too given the standards set there. I'll surely stick around and chime in whenever I can contribute. ;)

  7. Playing tier X some more, and apart from the more shit meta, my biggest issue remains penetrating shots that I easily penetrate when driving a tier VIII tank in a tier X battle.

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    2. Snoregasm2
    3. LetsMakeTheMagic


      Thanks for the link my dude. I try to read every post of kolni because I really enjoy his way of thinking. I'll give it a read.

      I only bought back the PTA because of him. 

    4. ProxyCentauri


      If someone by coincidence happen to read this thread, pls click on Snoregasm's link ^^
      That thread by Yung is pure gold, arguably the best thread regarding tier X play in current meta
      on this forum atm. So much to pick up, not only by Yung but side-comments and self-criticism
      from other good players etc

  8. SU-130PM (normally my go-to money maker) - 7 battles: 37.8% hit rate, only 46% of which in turn penetrated and damaged. Horrible day, and still I'm light blue. How do average players even get worse results?

    1. kolni


      better players fire more shots

      my hitrate/penrate isn't special

      but my amount of shots fired per game is likely 3 times more


      maps with fairly obvious blind bushes i will spend a lot of time spamming shots on reload on when i can't make any active moves

      only drawback is ammo count but that is not a problem for like 90% of the tanks in the game anymore

  9. EU official forums most popular recent thread at the moment is on how a recent mission of getting 2500 damage three times from now until the end of the Christmas special is "near impossible" for the average player. I've never felt so out of touch and elitist before. I'm genuinely unhappy about a battle where I don't get 2500 damage.

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    2. arthurwellsley


      But what if someone on the forum were to say well the average that you should be earning by the time you get to thirty years of age should be $200,000 pa and I cannot understand how people will manage on $150,000 let alone only getting $100,000pa?

    3. Private_Miros


      Not quite the same as income generally doesn't wildly vary per year with even the poorest having generous windfalls and the richest and most competent having 0 income years.

    4. Kymrel


      I wonder what kind of shitstorm will be raised today when the mission is to do 3K damage on a win...

  10. View Post___SCUMBAG___, on 15 December 2020 - 09:56 PM, said:

    Would I be wrong in saying that Wotlabs contributed heavily to wargames demise in the US?


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    2. BadLuckCharm


      WotLabs caused the Stock Market crash of 1929.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      nah that was r/wallstreetbets

    4. kolni


      Well there was a point where WG basically wanted the forum shut down in like 2013

  11. Belgian Christmas corona rules:

    You may invite up to two guests, of which one can use your sanitary facilities.

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    2. orzel286


      I'd love to see those rules being enforced. Imagine sad government agents checking how many guests you have and then they have to sit there and make sure only one of them can take a dump.

      More seriously: none of their fucking business who and how many get invited; for the second part: law that can't be enforced is null and void. Also: it's unsanitary and pretty much depraves a fellow human of most basic facilities, which is inhumane.

      Stupid, power-hungry cunts in positions of power are way more dangerous than any virus.

    3. Private_Miros


      Ach, it fits Belgium, a country only held together by its inherent surrealism and absurdism (and a good national football team).

      The rules make sense in the way that Belgians always hollow out the rules. So if they make them this that means no one will stick to them because they are ridiculous, but everyone will acknowledge there are rules, and will be satisfied to have broken them. Hence they feel generally fine in being cautious and not inviting too many, and keeping a bit more distance than they would otherwise have.

      In any case no one here has the " Stupid, power-hungry cunts" reflex, let alone that somebody considers the government is a "position of power".


      Basically; if you tell us "be reasonable", our reflex will be "oh things are fine, we can do what we want". If you tell us to do something utterly ridiculous and strict, our reflex will be "ok, let's be sensible". And, well, generally it works.

    4. Balthazars


      @Private_Miros thanks for the explanation, always nice to learn about how different cultures vary in approaches, but I have to say, that is some weird-level national-level reverse psychology at work there lol.

  12. A multitude of anime lovers clearly means not a multitude of Japan lovers. We got a thread by a Japanese player, and no reactions. Meanwhile we got a loli anime shitheap being the most popular recent thread.

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    2. Assassin7


      Hey I attempted the japanese thing!

    3. Rexxie


      tbf the last time we got a non-english thread it got shitbombed and locked, clearly there is some japanese bias here lol

    4. orzel286


      And why wouldn't there be at least some bias? Clearly we're all degenerates here, while we may not be interested in a Japanese posting about wn8, we appreciate the vast amounts of CULTURE Japan gave us.

  13. @GehakteMolen, don't know if you care much about 322 and its image, but if you do you might want to tell Tr1ggeR__ to stop being an utter scrublord on the official forums.

    1. GehakteMolen


      Well, he wants hes money back :P

    2. Private_Miros


      " This is just the biggest lie i ever see in my life its so big it will leak from some where one day i hope i will be around will be a good day for game community in general.
      plus the hate i have for this people....
      will be amazing.
      p.s. i know im not helping but i dont care any more just burn WarGaming burn. "

      Quality 322 content :P

    3. GehakteMolen
  14. Got to love those sessions where you finish top 3 every battle yet drop from 94 to 91 MoE in 10 battles because 400 damage is top damage and xp in a tier 8 game now.

  15. My new favourite pubbie quote:

    "My WR increases by a significant factor when I use repair kits. I don't in 90% of my battles, because I feel that they are intrinsically no different to using premium ammo so prefer not to."

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    2. Private_Miros
    3. Assassin7


      @RedwoodOriginal what do you use for ammo selection in that case?

    4. RedwoodOriginal


      @Private_Miros my level of play is not good enough to be Lizst, but that is partially cause my dick, if i have good rng, gets hard and blocks part of monitor, and i dont have smoll monitor

      @Assassin7 side mouse buttons

  16. I was watching a documentary on ancient Sumer and heard about 4000 year old recipes preserved in cuneiform.

    So... yeah...



    1. Private_Miros


      The taste is unlike anything I have ever tried. It's basically water, onions, shallots, lamb shank, watercress, arugula, cilantro, milk and crumpled barley cakes. With as herbs raw crushed leek, carrot and garlic, and some pomegranate.

  17. It's like with the new notification system and the base flags showing constantly pubbies have discovered there are bases. 10 battles played, only 5 ended with one team having lost 15 tanks.

  18. Called it:

    View PostTom_Soop, on 25 June 2020 - 09:56 PM, said:

    Apart from picking your tank, drowning and jumping off cliffs are the only things in this game that you can control.
    Think about that for a second.
    Everything else is manipulated by WG.


    View PostPrivate_Miros, on 25 June 2020 - 08:22 AM, said:

    Without implying that all or even a majority of (sub)average players do this, or that no above average players do this, I do believe that generally lower skilled players are prone to drown themselves.

    Added to lower skill level is frustration about having no control about anything in the game (hence why they are (below) average). So the drowning and griefing is one of the only slithers of control they have over their actions in the game. For the rest they are just the playing ball of fortune, teams, MM and RNG.

    Kind of sad, but somewhere understandable.

    1. ZXrage


      I didn't know you get teleported to a random spot every 30 seconds, or that the damage you do to the enemy gets distributed randomly. Truly, the game is controlled by WG.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      1 hour ago, ZXrage said:

      the damage you do to the enemy gets distributed randomly

      I mean.... if we're talking on a shell-by-shell basis... :kappa:

  19. How do you deal damage with Type 61? BIA crew, food: last 4 games damaging shots/hits/shots taken: 5/10/17 - 9/13/19 - 4/4/10 - 4/9/13. Maddening.

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    2. kolni


      i can go over a few type replays for you

    3. hazzgar


      @kolni since the speed is different how should I adjust my playstyle coming from the PTA?

    4. Private_Miros


      Today it seems to be working:



      Third game was potato on Malinovka with a hopeless team though (though I got spotted far quicker than I expected in the bushes camping north spawn from an early lost hill).

      As were the next 6 games, ffs. Just potato by me.

  20. View Postabcx123z, on 06 June 2020 - 10:12 AM, said:

    Smells like wotlabs is crying to keep their "press"/cc unlimited accounts :)))



    Why was I not informed? :P

    1. ZXrage


      Ah, man, if only...

    2. arthurwellsley


      Sorry Miros it was on a "need to know" basis, you "know" how it is, plausible deniability.

  21. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5407892#stats

    Haha, mate of mine gets the anonymized nickname "CHEATER" and the bobs including an IS-7 intentionally throwing the game somehow have the big brain moment of concluding that someone with a nickname that says cheater must surely secretly use cheats.

    1. hazzgar


      So because they have a cheater on their team they decide to lose? Wow those people must be succesful IRL. "OMG my coworker has an unfair advantage lets work so bad the company goes bust and we lose jobs".  

  22. Hilarious, known shitter/whiner about how everyone better than him is only so because cheats and premium ammo (yet who has received a warning for cheating himself by WG in 2016):


    VsUK, on 17 May 2020 - 04:09 PM, said:

    When WG stop making money from these players who use illegal mods, then they'll take action. But so far from what the video's suggest of people caught cheating, is they almost always use premium ammo. Far easier to say they've banned a load of people that no one knows or heard of than to actually take action. As they say, denial is far cheaper than the cure! 
    VsUK, on 26 May 2020 - 10:51 PM, said:

    Anyways, towards the end of the battle, I got a pop up saying I have been logged out because I have been banned. I mean, the most annoying part is, I was doing really well & about to turn to tide of the game to a win. Anyways, I contacted support & even gave them the video of me playing the game I was apparently cheating at, that showed the pop up box saying I was banned & asked them to point out at any part of that video or my previous 3 I had made today where I was cheating.


    Relevant announcement on blanket ban for cheaters on EU yesterday: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/744802-fair-play-update-cheaters-get-banned/#topmost


    1. echo9835


      Not sure if I should laugh at him or cry because of his stupidity

  23. Standard B and Progetto 65 supertest nerfbatted:

    Progetto 65

    Turret Traverse Speed: from 36 to 34 

    Aiming Time (s): from 2.1 to 2.5 

    Increased the dispersion after firing a shot  

    Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.33 to 0.35 

    Removed the ability to mount the Gun Rammer 

    Standard B

    The Cannone da 90 Rh gun in the top turret: 

    Aiming Time (s): from 2 to 2.1; Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.32 to 0.33 

    Increased the dispersion after firing a shot 

    The Cannone da 105 Rh V1 gun in the top turret: 

    Aiming Time (s): from 2.3 to 2.5; Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.35 to 0.37 

    Increased the dispersion after firing a shot 

    Top engine power: from 750 to 690 (Specific Power: from 21.8 to 20) 

    Removed the ability to mount the Gun Rammer.

    Meanwhile... Object 430U gets 270/280 cupola weakspots, and some minor dispersion increase on the move.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sohojacques


      And they’re not over represented in the queue either like EBRs, 430Us, Chieftains, etc are. Why nerf tanks that pubbies aren’t bitching about and aren’t having an adverse effect on the game? The only tank in the Itai line deserving of the bat is the 46.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      It wasn't clear enough that "give moneys u get better tenk". Considering their playerbase it basically has to be shouted into their faces for them to catch on.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      tfw 270/280mm 'weakspots'.


      Not that I'm firing standard rounds anyway at tier 10. This is the ASIA server, what is standard?



  24. I was steadily improving performance wise, and then suddenly since the beginning of the week, I drop to half the performance up to then in all kind of tanks... It's like I forgot everything I had relearned.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. j_galt


      On NA the teams actually got redder over the past week.  I've had to resort to spamming mid-tier RU meds and the T-64 to maintain sanity.  T34-whatever, T44, T54 Mod 1 are all effective against nitwits with no vision skills or equipment. T-64 is so wrong it's right

      Tier X  has been so nonsensical I realized it was the perfect time to knock out some artillery missions, so I dusted off the Bat arty.  Evil, I know, but it is satisfying to push back against S.Conq spam.  Leopard PTA can be a little relaxing as long as the steamroll lasts over 4 minutes.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      I've never seen teams/players this bad. Not even joking.

    4. RC_Tank


      Teams are at a new low, gameplay is complete shit more often than not. The farms are unreal though, so long as your team doesn't bend over before the enemy team does.

  25. I'm collecting some stats from playing. Relatively low numbers but it shows that arty totally prevents camping: Average game length without arty: 6 minutes 10 seconds. Average game length with 1 or 2 arty per team: 7 minutes 19 seconds. Average game length with 3 arty per team: 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

    1. Ham_


      I admire the effort

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