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  1. The mind of an MM-is-rigged pubbie:

    realy easy way i cruised to 82 +75% wrs....

    Thats why i havent named the files i deleted,

    that enabled such high wr, with fair mm

    Players without manipulation stats reflect their performance

    Translation: He got a day of 82% and a day of 75% win rate (about 30 battles in total) with 1300WN8 and he explains that he deleted some files in his WoT directory and because of that "now finally gets fair MM that allows him to win as much as his performance deserves".

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    2. Monkey


      Tell him that deleting core windows files and messing with the registry can improve both frame rate and latency.

    3. PityFool


      yo I heard deleting system 32 gives you 0% RNG

    4. Medjed


      Pity pls, errybody knows it increases it to 50%

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