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  1. Belgian Christmas corona rules:

    You may invite up to two guests, of which one can use your sanitary facilities.

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    2. orzel286


      I'd love to see those rules being enforced. Imagine sad government agents checking how many guests you have and then they have to sit there and make sure only one of them can take a dump.

      More seriously: none of their fucking business who and how many get invited; for the second part: law that can't be enforced is null and void. Also: it's unsanitary and pretty much depraves a fellow human of most basic facilities, which is inhumane.

      Stupid, power-hungry cunts in positions of power are way more dangerous than any virus.

    3. Private_Miros


      Ach, it fits Belgium, a country only held together by its inherent surrealism and absurdism (and a good national football team).

      The rules make sense in the way that Belgians always hollow out the rules. So if they make them this that means no one will stick to them because they are ridiculous, but everyone will acknowledge there are rules, and will be satisfied to have broken them. Hence they feel generally fine in being cautious and not inviting too many, and keeping a bit more distance than they would otherwise have.

      In any case no one here has the " Stupid, power-hungry cunts" reflex, let alone that somebody considers the government is a "position of power".


      Basically; if you tell us "be reasonable", our reflex will be "oh things are fine, we can do what we want". If you tell us to do something utterly ridiculous and strict, our reflex will be "ok, let's be sensible". And, well, generally it works.

    4. Balthazars


      @Private_Miros thanks for the explanation, always nice to learn about how different cultures vary in approaches, but I have to say, that is some weird-level national-level reverse psychology at work there lol.

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