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  1. Playing tier X some more, and apart from the more shit meta, my biggest issue remains penetrating shots that I easily penetrate when driving a tier VIII tank in a tier X battle.

    1. lavawing


      tbh tier 8 meta isnt any less shit than 10 these days, just less campy and punishing

    2. Private_Miros


      The meta isn't eve what bothers me, it's that I seem to shoot blanks in my tier 10 tanks. I do less damage per game, despite shooting more and being in the action longer.

    3. LetsMakeTheMagic


      The difference is huge between T9 and T10 for me.

      In my PTA I can easily do 2,8 - 3,2k avg dmg sessions.

      In my 140 I struggle to do even 2,8k consistently. 

      Either I'm just not used to the meta anymore or I need to play more T10 battles.

      It's a whole different game even though it's only a one tier spread.


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