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  1. Having returned to the game, I find it much harder than even in 2021, when I last came back. Even the most average players are patient, use vision mechanics, use the terrain, bait, ...

    Really struggling to get back up to speed this time.

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    2. Jul_Le


      These days you get blindfired quite often too, even by tier 5s

    3. Expendable_Lad


      @Jul_Lethat's kind of why I liked running the Foch the last couple weeks - quick move to an early TD bush spots can still be a good opening, but the 280 frontal takes care of those random blinds. And i'm guilty of blinding like a mofo too. 

    4. Expendable_Lad


      @Private_MirosI like 6s and 7s - but am starting to move on. I've got 18k battles now and only like 250 at tier X. Mostly because I hate the credit-sink - but also because of the crazy min-maxing and try-hardness. I'm like 98% solo pubbing these days too *lonely tryhard noises* 

      There are some amazing streamers and a ton of good players out there that will def play with you. 

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