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  1. Still playing, still lurking here, still cleaning out spammers (mainly from Pakistan).

    1. Medjed


      Thank you for your service, Sir!

  2. Never mind the HE changes for T49 I'm simply not hitting any shots with it anymore...

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    2. Private_Miros


      I just don't hit anything anymore. Performance dropping over the last few months without me being able to identify why. Was on the border of being able to three mark everything to basically being stuck on 75% on everything in 2-3 months.

    3. NightmareMk9


      THIS!  I seriously think WG fucked some other part of the game.  I miss fully aimed shots in my Getto.  You don't see it hit the dirt or anything.  Then you get that weird ass 'explosion' right in front of the tank.  WTF?

      Same thing with arty.  It is a Shit Show.  You don't see the misses any more, so like literally 1/2 my shells just seem to disappear.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      I did have one arty shell just completely randomly fucking disappear today, not sure what's up with that.

  3. Last 150 battles: 48% win rate (dropped from 59.96 to 59.89 overall) and 1900 WN8 (down from 2600 recent for like 14 months - even my 60 day is for the first time in 10 years under my overall values...). I just completely forgot how to play... In every tank in every tier.

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    2. GehakteMolen


      When i started playing again, i could feel i lost a lot of ``skill``, fastest way to get back into the game (for me) was to play a lot of different tanks, go on maps to different points and in general camp like a bitch, to see how the game `plays` (i also watched soem streamers, dez and skill, to see where they go with certain tanks)

      On prok for example i changed my default game position to camp middle ridge, closer to the forest, and works great, and so on, on many maps im still sorta not sure where to go, but ill prob get there eventually (new maps would also help, since then everyone needs to relearn, giving me the advantage, hue hue hue)

      ps: so i`d say, play t8 tds, or middle tier medium / light tanks (t6 /t7/t8) to get the hang of maps, and ofc, done play tier 10, tx suks dik...

    3. Private_Miros


      It's just every single game, I take an aggressive position and the enemy yoloes; I take a defensive position and I get no shooting opportunities. I never make the right call anymore.

    4. GehakteMolen


      hmm, then i`d say, stick with 1 or 2 tanks, you like (and which are sorta meta) and only play those, eventually you should ``get the hang of it`` again. And remember why u died and more important from where. On many maps key positions greatly changed, spots which where awefull in the past are all of a sudden now powerfull, and vice versa. Even now, im some maps i still have no clue where to go (say Cliff with 3 arty and tier 9 heavy in a tier 10 fight).

  4. Does the AMX 30 always burn from small caliber frontal shots, or am I just unlucky as hell with 4 fires in 5 games from shots of Kpz 07s and Progettos without prior module damage?

  5. I'm just getting worse and worse. Set out as 2.2k WN8 player seeking to improve, and currently struggling to get 1,5k WN8... Just no targets except clean up or last stand. There no locations I can shoot from that don't get me immediately obliterated...
  6. Still struggling to do more than 1k damage in tier 10. Either I am careful and the team dies and I get nothing to shoot before being swarmed, or I am agressive and the team camps and I get swarmed faster without being able to shoot much.

  7. Ranked got me my very first chat ban I think. Although, honestly, I cannot remember why that would be.

    1. Private_Miros


      I actually asked WG to motivate the ban and point out my infraction.

      I got this answer: "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate"

      To which I responded: Can you share this substantial evidence?

      Answer: "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore"

      Reaction: but how can is there substantial evidence then? What was the violation or are the violations specifically?

      Answer: "I invite you to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one."  / ticket closed.

    2. Private_Miros


      New ticket:


      I hate to create another topic, but Ticket ID 130724155 was closed before I got a satisfactory response - despite the quite explicit "If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again."

      In that ticket it was stated that the time stamp and log of alleged violation cannot be provided as "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore", yet at the same time it is communicated clearly that "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate".

      These two statements are extremely contradictory. You cannot state both that you somehow have massive logs of my committing substantial violations (which I refute) while not managing that information at all.

      It is my right as a consumer to understand and get a motivated reasoning behind an action negatively affecting me, without me being threatened by "invit[ing me] to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one." That breaking the game rules is an offense and that sanctions are attached to offenses is self-evident.

      This issue has gone from me asking the exact time stamp and log of this serious violation warranting a chat ban (which I shall submit to if justified but wish to know the reason of - as is my right) to customer support bluntly accusing me of being a serial and substantial violator of the game rules!

      Kind regards

    3. Private_Miros



      Answer: "With regards to this case, you were found in violation of our game rules and was given a temporary chat suspension. Specifically inappropriate behaviour in chat." / ticket closed


      So no idea how their system works. I generally don't use swear words, though the occasional well that was fucking stupid/retarded/idiotic might be there. So either it's a counter that never resets. Or someone got very salty at me and reported me, most likely a platoon.

  8. Every time I play tier 10 I forget how to play and start to fail in all tiers.

  9. The average for players with over 10k battles is somewhere around 51-52% and 1300-1400 WN8.
  10. Sigh.. Firstly, you cared enough to make a whine thread here. Secondly, people judge skill on the basis of it, since it's all things considered a good global skill measuring stick on the macro scale. Someone with 1k WN8 isn't going to be worth it by any standards. Someone with 2.5k WN8 might be good, but you need to review tanks and tiers played to get a complete picture. Thirdly, compared to someone with 2k or 3k WN8, you have a lot less fantastic games. That shows in the stats. As explained above someone with 3k WN8 in his scouts will have more 5k spotting games as well.
  11. The fact that WN8 is a relic by now aside there's a few points: it was developed with the tools available. Damage upon assistance was simply not available as a data input - and still isn't for the whole account, only in recents. WN8 certainly, never, at any point, was meant as a measure for performance in single battle. It was meant as a global performance scale. LTs generally have been extremely good for WN8 farming since if you play them well, you generally also get a lot of late game damage and kills, even if the occasional large spotting game goes "unrewarded" in that p
  12. For now completely gone. The system only looks at life time battle xp earned. But that is IMO likely to change for a further test iteration. Now it's just the basics.
  13. Nearly all my crews are 2-3 skills. You don't need more to be competitive. The third skill wasn't even that needed, it's just because you lose one commander skill on sixth sense, and the second skill is BIA. So the third was needed for the view range skills. Make sixth sense default and you only need 2 crew skills to be competitive IMO. The new system seems to make the gap between pay2progress and others, and between people who really focussed on crew training to 5-6 and up skills and others even bigger than currently.
  14. Supertest is out. I think it might have potential. At first sight, the conversion seems alright-ish (not quite sure on that yet). There seem to be a few useful new skills that might have a big impact on some vehicles (significantly reduced dispersion on the move on EBRs going over 40km/h seems fun). Overall effectiveness is down though. Compared to BIA crews everything seems to have taken a hit. What's the WoTLabs view?
  15. I'm not bothering with it. I see good players struggling to get damage in fast games, and even in non fast games it's an opportunist at best. It lacks the DPM to brawl or to defend itself when over extending. It is at best a decent credit earner for the average player who with good standard rounds and high alpha will make a sizable amount of profit from the average game.
  16. T-55A is my nemesis. Struggling to get games with over 1k damage in this piece of crap. It never hits any shots.

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    2. Private_Miros
    3. Bobi_Kreeg
    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I would have never assumed anyone on wotlabs is shooting AP in the T55/T54.

  17. Strong words for 52% 1700 player (with 54% 2150 recents). I do notice you have a bit of victim complex. Might it be that rather than moderation pulling favourites you're just a shit poster hiding behind an alt?
  18. Wrong section, basically unreadable. Just gonna go and throw this in the poubelle.
  19. Thanks a bunch. I feel I progressed since last time you did this in both decision making when I'm in the right spots, and in recognizing where I make mistakes myself (my comments in the post with replays align with what you identify as biggest mistakes). My main issues remain readjusting my locations when I'm not in the right spots, daring to push timely and correctly and optimizing target selection. That and there are still a lot of micropositioning spots for early aggression I lack the knowledge of. (On a side, note, I would always have gone hill on Malinovka, but that scout dying,
  20. Actually giving this clan thing a try again.

    1. arthurwellsley


      you picked a very fun clan to try it ....

    2. Private_Miros


      We'll see :P Actually still only had contact with those that I already knew before.

  21. Thank you for the offer, kolni. Let's start with three though. Bought and took out the STB-1. Had some games with it in the 7vs7, but these are the first randoms in it. First game, Live Oaks. Should have pushed on below the camping TD spots maybe, but was nervous with the EBR still on the loose. An alright game all things considered. Could have probably done more. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5773648#live_oaks-private_miros-stb-1 Second game, Sand River. I doubting going South and probably should have. But I wanted to keep vision control. Many misses and a few ill-chosen moments to
  22. Well, at least the thread wasn't in Casual Purple this time... Moved. As a player, am I the only one that never had any issues with how HE works currently? Arty mechanics notwithstanding.
  23. Having one of my biggest set backs since my return last year in January. Barely managing to penetrate 3 or 4 shots per game (despite shooting 20-25 times per game in close combat or map controlling locations). Just a week long now, nothing works out. Had a few decent games, but not a single good one, and 80% just ridiculously bad.

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    2. Private_Miros


      Another day of struggling to reach 1k WN8... My stats are is free fall.

    3. Snoregasm2


      @Private_Miros yeah, I'd echo what @tajj7 said and take a break/switch tiers (are you still playing tier 10?), otherwise maybe try platooning for a few games? Even if you just go to the same spots, at least you have support if you get into trouble.

    4. LamaLeif


      Hit me up if any of you euros are interested in platooning, I'd be up for mitigating the amount of influence random plebs have on my team.

  24. From what I head both are viable in their own way. Alpha with low aim time seems attractive though. But so does higher standard pen and 4 shots in the mag. Will be going up that line soon for the T8 and T9, so listening in for opinions.
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