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  1. I've put in a more appropriate category than core skills if you don't mind.
  2. Listened the first 40 seconds. To ammo rack a vehicle, shoot the ammo rack. Repairs repair. Perks and equipment to protect the ammo rack protect the ammo rack. But then somehow dumbed down.... Is there anything in the other 18 minutes and 40 seconds that has not been covered?
  3. Got to love those sessions where you finish top 3 every battle yet drop from 94 to 91 MoE in 10 battles because 400 damage is top damage and xp in a tier 8 game now.

  4. I've always been of the opinion that xvm focus was a largely a myth. In general good players get focussed because they are far more than anyone else in a positions where they are a threat and in the fray. In the rarer instances where a player was focussed by an enemy because of stats, it generally was in the favour of the player being focussed, since now suddenly an enemy player is not farming Steve on your team, and less likely to damage you for the same amount in the same time span as they would have farmed Steve.
  5. All new supertest tier 8s seem more like tier 9,5 with reduced HP in their first iteration.
  6. My new favourite pubbie quote:

    "My WR increases by a significant factor when I use repair kits. I don't in 90% of my battles, because I feel that they are intrinsically no different to using premium ammo so prefer not to."

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    2. Private_Miros


      @RedwoodOriginal They have Marfan or are Franz Liszt?

    3. Assassin7


      @RedwoodOriginal what do you use for ammo selection in that case?

    4. RedwoodOriginal


      @Private_Miros my level of play is not good enough to be Lizst, but that is partially cause my dick, if i have good rng, gets hard and blocks part of monitor, and i dont have smoll monitor

      @Assassin7 side mouse buttons

  7. Aim time and accuracy look quite good, certainly when compared to TLC and Pershing. Are the bloom values that bad then that you call it bad gun handling? And yeah, as a rant on the side, WG is putting an effort in making new tanks (new prems, new lines such as Russian double barrels, Polish meds) balanced. And how does the player base - the same base that cries murder and shame regarding powercreep and OP prems - react? They say: "Well this is mediocre, we don't want it. Please introduce something OP so we can give you all our money."
  8. It's new, everyone with a hobby of three marking things quickly if three marking it. Average Steve has it since today and has barely played it.
  9. I was watching a documentary on ancient Sumer and heard about 4000 year old recipes preserved in cuneiform.

    So... yeah...



    1. Private_Miros


      The taste is unlike anything I have ever tried. It's basically water, onions, shallots, lamb shank, watercress, arugula, cilantro, milk and crumpled barley cakes. With as herbs raw crushed leek, carrot and garlic, and some pomegranate.

  10. I don't have it but in general the better engine is the way to go even if the numbers imply it's meh. Those things have hidden values such as gearing, torque and throttle response it seems, which can make a huge difference where the p/w ratio gain seems minimal of even non-existent.
  11. I am utterly confused still by the penetration mechanics and the armour layout. No matter what tank I drive, they penetrate me literally anywhere from any angle, and I manage to only penetrate lower plates, rear turret shots and 1/10 side shots. So, I basically avoided engagement and finished top 3 each time. Played a platoon game and there we finished first with 0 kills and 0 damage.
  12. Not sure what IRD is, there is no equipement with those initials? Hardening, IRM? Currently running hardening/VS/GLD, but also considering Vents and Turbo replacing hardening or GLD. Not convinced about the added value of the IRM. It never had a rammer, and it's blind in any case, so not worth to gimp it from very blind to definitely near sighted. Seems fun enough, even though teams are horrible so far and there isn't much more to shoot after 5 or 6 shots... Just doesn't seem better than Defender in the gun handling department so far.
  13. Bought the 703 and first impressions are distinctly wondering what gun handling people mean. Even with vert stabs and GLD this thing isn't better than the Defender. In fact, it feels worse than the Defender. It is a bit more mobile though.
  14. I have both enabled, and in my last 1333 battles (on which I am taking notes) 220 were encounter. 30 of those were won/lost by capping. That is 13.6%. 11 (0.5%) of those battles finished under 4 minutes (none under 3) - but only 4 of those 11 were through cap (0.018% of the total). By comparison Standard battles had a 9.5% cap rate. 0.02% under 4 minutes (none under 3 here either) and 0.002% by cap under 4 minutes. So, yeah, clearly happens more often on encounter, even though it's not super-often.
  15. It's like with the new notification system and the base flags showing constantly pubbies have discovered there are bases. 10 battles played, only 5 ended with one team having lost 15 tanks.

  16. This is the first non-spambot thread I need to lock since.. 2015? Ah, nostalic.
  17. Called it:

    View PostTom_Soop, on 25 June 2020 - 09:56 PM, said:

    Apart from picking your tank, drowning and jumping off cliffs are the only things in this game that you can control.
    Think about that for a second.
    Everything else is manipulated by WG.


    View PostPrivate_Miros, on 25 June 2020 - 08:22 AM, said:

    Without implying that all or even a majority of (sub)average players do this, or that no above average players do this, I do believe that generally lower skilled players are prone to drown themselves.

    Added to lower skill level is frustration about having no control about anything in the game (hence why they are (below) average). So the drowning and griefing is one of the only slithers of control they have over their actions in the game. For the rest they are just the playing ball of fortune, teams, MM and RNG.

    Kind of sad, but somewhere understandable.

    1. ZXrage


      I didn't know you get teleported to a random spot every 30 seconds, or that the damage you do to the enemy gets distributed randomly. Truly, the game is controlled by WG.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      1 hour ago, ZXrage said:

      the damage you do to the enemy gets distributed randomly

      I mean.... if we're talking on a shell-by-shell basis... :kappa:

  18. We'll tell you slowly though, because it isn't 2015 anymore and most have moved on since then.
  19. As far as I know middle. The second question is a bit odd. You hide your cupola... by hiding your copula. If it's not behind cover and in the shooting line of enemies, enemies can shoot it.
  20. The gun. So it you have a tank with a lot of, well, tank above the gun, the enemy can hit that part all day long.
  21. Well, considering abcx123z and Nornir were asking to be featured here, I shall grant them the respect they deserve. Just naming here, the shaming they can fully do themselves: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/745701-ghost-players-emillia/ http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/745810-with-love-from-wotlabsnet/
  22. How do you deal damage with Type 61? BIA crew, food: last 4 games damaging shots/hits/shots taken: 5/10/17 - 9/13/19 - 4/4/10 - 4/9/13. Maddening.

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    2. kolni


      i can go over a few type replays for you

    3. hazzgar


      @kolni since the speed is different how should I adjust my playstyle coming from the PTA?

    4. Private_Miros


      Today it seems to be working:



      Third game was potato on Malinovka with a hopeless team though (though I got spotted far quicker than I expected in the bushes camping north spawn from an early lost hill).

      As were the next 6 games, ffs. Just potato by me.

  23. View Postabcx123z, on 06 June 2020 - 10:12 AM, said:

    Smells like wotlabs is crying to keep their "press"/cc unlimited accounts :)))



    Why was I not informed? :P

    1. ZXrage


      Ah, man, if only...

    2. arthurwellsley


      Sorry Miros it was on a "need to know" basis, you "know" how it is, plausible deniability.

  24. User-made ratings were basically developed because WG doesn't use base xp, but mixes up base and premium xp. Had base xp (without premium and without some tank's modifier) been an available stat from the start, that would basically have been a very good metric, probably leading to much less and certainly less successful user-developed ratings.
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