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  1. Hmm, I'll look into getting the T32 sooner than I thought then. Also, while I have someone paying attention to the thread, what skill should I take for fourth skill on my IS-7 crew?
  2. Well, I'm looking for something that's got a similar play style as the IS-7 whilst still being Clan Wars viable, which the 113 is not.
  3. Hello. Lately I've been playing my IS-7 a lot, and by a lot I mean 100 games in 2 weeks or less. I've been trying to not only increase my Average damage in the IS-7 from 2k up to 2.8k which has gone slow I have to say but it's gone up by 200 so far, but I'm also trying to improve my play at tier 10 as my clan are looking to become more active in Clan Wars other than only during campaigns. So, as the title may give away I'm looking for a tank that is similar to the IS-7 in gameplay, I have three tier 10s so far with the IS-7 being my second and the E100 being the first along with the FV4202
  4. Hello, all mighty unicums with your godlike knowledge from warpack. I have a question regarding Russian Medium Tank crews or medium tank crews in general, now I've seen that a lot of people say that you should take Sixth Sense, Camo, Camo, Camo, Camo < BiA, Camo, Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair. Now I've been playing Medium tanks in general not as much as I've been playing Heavy Tanks, E100 and IS-7 being my first tier 10s whilst the E50 was my second unlocked Tier 9, now I've always taken repair as first skill when it comes to crew skills because it allows you to get your tracks up faster a
  5. Ehm... Hi. Well, I suck at introductions but here I am. I'm an average player that plays on the European servers. I created my World of Tanks account back in May 2012 but stopped playing after a day because it was too complicate and I didn't like it at the time because I didn't know how to get more than 10 FPS out of the game whilst I had 50 in Fallout 3 and other more demanding games. I picked up the game back in December 2013 right after Christmas and I've been hooked since. When I started again I looked at the tech trees and what tanks I had in my garage and just like any new player I
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