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  1. Anime loves showing the nipps, especially older pre-2000 shows. Gunbuster is still king in realistic boob physics imo. Idk why but with modern anime they have been censoring nipps more often I feel like... wew I remember that. The TV broadcast was super censored tho.
  2. Indeed F Nyaa Thank god I fully transitioned to using AB, tho I will have to find a new source for music releases... Anyways. I have watched a good number of shows since I last posted one of these, but this one I wrote quite a bit so I might as well post the compilation here if anyone cares to read. I watched an early 90's anime called Oniisama e... these are merely my thoughts and reactions, I didn't post any major plot spoilers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next free watch will be: Oniisama e... schoolgirl drama intensifies
  3. I felt like getting all the new anime out of the way, and so I watched all the first episodes last night. I was bored so I also wrote small first impressions, boy I haven't done this in a while. Here they are. Ratings = out of 5 Alice to Zouroku: The animation is a bit rough in this one, inconsistancies and such. -Guy sits down, and you hear the ass pomf waaaay before he visibly sits. -Car stops, camera snaps into the car, the BG is moving as if the car was still moving(for 2 different camera angles!), but it's really not. The guy even says he stopped the car! -Mouth not alway
  4. I think @An_Arty_Player_Hits_You posts my words here more than I post myself kek
  5. @An_Arty_Player_Hits_You Oh I got tagged last week and didn't notice Been busy with P5/work so yeah... As for Youjo Senki, it was fine imo, certainly entertaining and fun to watch, but nothing amazing in how it was executed, which is fine. I was expecting them to rush the end conflict with some god incarnate showing up for a big battle that makes the WWI setting feel stupider than it already is with mages on rockets flying about. They didn't do that tho, so S2 will be something fun to watch in the near future. Anyways I figured I should compy paste this here as well:
  6. Holy fuck it's almost over, finally I can pick it up again and finish it. Studio Pierrot really should free the Naruto team from the Naruto IP and work on something new... Alas Boruto cometh... pls make it short.
  7. Oh right I forgot to look at this when u posted in Discord, I was busy with Tales of Berseria all day, and finally beating it. (rip da stream) Ya it looks very interesting, tho I got my fill of Diva for the time being after playing everything in Future Tone. I may look into it in the future if I need a Diva fix.
  8. If you value your free time don't watch Wizard Barristers, holy shit I still cringe at the bad animation roller coaster memories. The BD fixes some of it I hear: http://streamable.com/ecitg Even then story wise it's not anything to write home about and is borderline bad. Same I literally shouted "GOD NO!" when she showed up, her popping up right then could not have been more obvious if they put a 30 second spoiler note in the beginning. ugh I'm still gonna watch, cuz I reserve my judgement on cancer until its noticeable, e.g. terminal.
  9. https://static.neregate.com/2017/01/neregate.com-Spring-2017-Anime-Chart-v1.jpg
  10. I watched only the first episode of S1, it didn't really grab me/wasn't in the mood for a comedy about people "almost" escaping prison all the time (at least that's the feel I got from the first episode), I also had my plate rather full at the time... So I erased it from the list. When that is the case I usually won't pick an anime up again unless I hear it making waves in the anime community, or a friend tells me it's worth the watch, which didn't happen, until now?
  11. < Comes on for the first time in days, and everyone is talking about Akame ga Kill... Wut, is this 2014 again?! whew In other news this season is pretty light on #gudanime, but there are a few highlights such as: Ao no Exorcist S2 - I didn't really have too much of a problem with S1's ending and this S2 seems to be going down a darker path, dank animation thus far. Konosuba S2 - ayy more Konosuba. Fuck those who are beating it up for the simplistic animation style that carried over from late S1 and the OVA, I'm rather fond of it and it's a part of the show's identity. Kuzu no Honk
  12. I can respect it for achieving exactly what it set out to be, completely shameless and stupid fun, nothing more nothing less. Fan service can be good thing when it's not tacked on or cliche imo. Hence why the To Love Ru series left a horrible after taste in my mouth when it descended to be nothing more than a stupidly predictable fan service show. Best fan service in the industry mind you, but FUCK THAT SHIT.
  13. Meh Kabaneri was good up to the last third when a certain somebody shows up and derails the show. Top 10 in no particular order Ajin (both series) Konosuba Boku No Hero Academia Re:Zero Uchuu Patrol Luluco Mob Psycho 100 Erased Fune wo Amu Yuri on Ice Keijo
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