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  1. 39 minutes ago, Jaegaer said:

    You don't need to, the requirements are clear and understandable.

    I just don't get your intend for putting the TVP (a support) and the Bat Chat (a scout) in the same group as you can not use them for the same things.

    Done thanks you guys 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Jaegaer said:

    Why are these two in a group? Do you use one on flat maps and the other on hilly maps?

    That said your groups are a bit strange. BC is a scout while TVP is mostly support both play very different in CW. T110E5 is a breakthrough while Ru meds are dpm flankers.

    I mean one player can either have an E5 and BC at the same time or a 113 and Russian med.That's how the commander told me.How can i fix this as i told you i have been an FC for 1 year never got to know how to recruit i just transfer players and do the tactics and i need to adapt to this new position so i can make the clan a little bit English because we're suffering from Balkan language 

    I would really be happy if you can help me and give me more suggestion so i can redo the post

  3. 17 minutes ago, SaintLaurentius said:

    First you have to understand the reasoning behind a requirement. What are you looking for in a player with over 15k games? Surely you have enough experience after for like 5k games, no?

    And while we're in the subject, do you want players with tanks from each category 1. 2. and 3.?


  4. 19 minutes ago, SaintLaurentius said:

    What the F is that requirement?:wut:


    ...Anyways, gl with the recruitment!

    I've been appointed as a recruiter for a short period because the main one is absent for a while i never really made an effort to edit this copy and paste if you can help me i would appreciate it

  5. We are one of the sub clans from the Valter GC community and the last one who is turning to a multinational one (At last)

    We are recruiting more English speaking players to the clan.We are mainly focusing on Tier 8 on the global map (Season Five didn't go very well for us since we are adding new players more frequently and we had changes in the personnel).As for tier 10 we're defending everyday and attacking at the same time (2 games everyday from 02:00 to 04:00).


    What are we offering for you lads:

    1. Credit boosts everyday starting from 22:00 (if we finish CW early time changes)
    2. Special Instructions after the credit boost (If we don't have any missions prepared another boost will be on but that's very rare) 
    3. ESL,Faceit and any related other World of Tanks team mode and especially platoons during all day if you're looking for team play (since our members have no real life to take care of actually)


    What are we asking in exchange:

    1. We need you online on TS everyday from 18:00 until strongholds are finished.
    2. Respect other players and don't bring up stuff that is not related to the game or anything that can offend anyone else from the clan unless you're sure about that. (Not telling you guys what to speak but sometimes there is limits like political and racial subjects)
    3. Own a fu**** microphone and don't keep typing the whole *** time (Maybe i overreacted a little bit):angry::trollface::izmena:
    4. You need to listen to other FC's carefully in game and follow their instructions (Maybe the most important sentence in the topic):facepalm::facepalm:

    Our requirements:

    1. You need 4 tier tanks with +2000 overall stats in these tanks.And tier 10 tanks divide into 4 groups (you need 1 tank from each group):
    • TVP or 50B
    • Kranvagn or 113 (They can't be classed in the same group due to their different roles but we lack of these tanks in the clan and we need them ASAP 
    • T110E5 or a RUSSIAN MED
    • Batchat
    1.  We care more about your WR than your WN8 (Stetpedders with 0 brain you are not allowed)So the minimum is 53% and combined with more than 17K Games.
    2.   As for your WN8 you need to have about +1650-1700 WN8 with 2300+ recent 
    3.   Last of all you need to be here 3 days a week and you are not obliged to defend strongholds (depending on the new stronghold update so maybe new rules will be added).



    Conclusion is,we need more English speaking players and we need your help to build a better multinational clan and if you're good enough at leading 

    we will talk about that when you come to our TS   valtergc.eu    .You should know whatever your stats are you need to introduce yourself before joining 

    and everyone is equal here whatever your rank is

  6. 23 hours ago, Migizikody said:

    Heres an updated map

      Reveal hidden contents


    Also use wottactic.com or maptactic.com to easily describe your problem


    or a replay

    Sorry thought you will understand what i said without drawing on maptactic


    Tell me if the link is working 

    On 1/20/2017 at 5:37 PM, Sovereign_M said:

    Ok the short of the long to your problem is this. Take a look at your board. where is the crossfire being generated from? what tanks are killing the majority of mine? 

    Look at damage numbers and battle group/compliment group types tanks used etc. Then deploy a COUNTER STRAT to specifically combat this problem. Throw the one your currently using out the window. Start from scratch when facing this particular problem battle detachment. Look at how they deploy. Sounds like they are expecting your move right? you fall for the trap every time. Strategy rule NUMERO UNO! never be predictable. Using the same meta strat all the time breaks rule 1 thus you fail as a strategist. 

    The enemy is countering you. you have intel on what they are doing already. Use it and counterplay their setup for your main attack. I have never lost to the same land owner team twice using this tactic when I was calling CW's years ago. I might lose the first time, but the second night I usually took the property. That's the problem with recycling plans. people will always find holes. 

    That being said, I have a good mix of old and new meta strats that I have been playing with. May want to get back into the big clan battle game some time. If nothing else works go on youtube and vulture some meta strats from 5 years ago. The game has a whole new player base/tank comps now. Depending on how old the other clan's caller's acct is, they may not know about some of those old timey cw plans. 

    Will start doing that thanks next time wont wait for them to come i will try to counter them and make the first step

  7. I've been a combat officer for quite a long time,maybe 1 year i think and when i have a problem with a map i keep playing it and trying to find new tactics until i finally resolve my problem.

    But for redshire,its different..And i really need your help and the worst part that i couldn't defend from a particular side see photo below:


     Problem is every time we get this map in tier 10 defence (downside) its always vs Noxus or other famous clans by coincidence.They always rush from the right side with mediums,some 113's they take those bushes and positions behind the houses then they start shooting our heavies.The problem is everytime i tell the heavies to rush the other HT's its a big problem cz they need to go uphill and go down on them while the others are shooting them.

    And our guys from the left (near our cap) cant really act cz even if they go forward and we have more tanks they get into crossfire

    Sorry for not drawing on the map just realiased that ok you say its not a big problem but for 1400 WN8 clan its pretty hard to win in these situations you need something a bit easier and get them out of crossfire?

    Maybe i should order our meds to take the right immediately ? 


  8. I have the STA-2 played about 140 games +3308 WN8 (didnt check for a week tho) it has amazing and very smooth acceleration it can relocate easily if you compare it with other premium mediums.The gun lacks accuracy but when you put optics,gun rammer and vertstab,playing on close range is just point and shoot not need for shift.

    BUT be aware they hit my engine 4/6 games so always bring a large repair kit and be patient when repairing.

    You will have 6.33 reload without special consumables or ventilation which is quite fantastic and most of the all THE HEAT ROUNDS BABY!

    275 penetration with those little f**ckers.Look cdc, meeeh i never like it i always liked depression and my only tier 8 prem are T34 and SP like you mate.Go for it just do it

  9. Wassup wotlabs i've been following these forums for long and i think its time to ask for help so here's my problem and its really pissing me off:

    I finally got to 1600 WN8 exactely in 19300 which is very bad but thats not my problem i had a major breakdown my WN8 is leveling by 2 points only in 3-4 days and thats really annoying me.I have a 3 marked IS-3,i got it to 97% in my mark of exellence and right now every time i get in battle i get about 1300-1800 WN8 per game in this beast

    In addition to that my T34 which is second marked has become a major pain for me its true that its slow but after playing 1k games with it and being the most played tank in garage i just wanna get rid of it now

    I dont know whats happening i just cant do any more good games i played 66 games yesterday i got 1800WN8 global :( back then when i had 1300 WN8 i get about 3200WN8 in 20 battles

    Can you please tell me what to do?

    PS: Someone here said that people with good strategies in mind are good at relocating and finding the best spots for making damage but im the best tactic guy in my clan (no bragging intended) and i just cant do what's necessary to my team and after i die i realize the mistake i did

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