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  1. I don't own any German tank, so I've only said this based on what I heard and my experience when dealing with such tanks. I do know Germans got the best accuracy in the game so if that's the case with the E-50M then so it is. I recant my previous statement. I've always pictured E-50M's being used for their' brawling capabilities, not so much their gun.
  2. I'm sorry but like everyone said, it's all hardware. Nothing software can reliably mitigate a hardware issue. There may be some thermo apps that you can find in the i'll update, one day. I'm busy with school right now). I recommend trying Speedfan and seeing what temps you get while running WoT. Enable the log function and get it to 'power down' on it's own. check the temps it read out at the last moments and check your CPU's heat tolerance levels on the web. More than likely, you'll see the temps reaching or going past this tolerance level. That means you gotta clean your computer of al
  3. The Application Server: env x='() { :;}; echo Arty' bash -c "Garbad's favourite tank" The Database Server: RNGesus The Forum Server: while(pubbieTears)
  4. I woefully hope so. A recent Q/A from the devs made it seem quite apparent that they did not intend to ever 'fix' the WZ-132 cause it has 'better camo' than the new tier 8's. Ah, I see. I still hope to get it, but I do they at least make it somewhat on par with the rest of the light tanks.
  5. rip WZ-132. And i was planning on getting it. Guess time to get LTTB
  6. With the new tier 8 light tanks on the field now, the powercreep is strong once again. That leaves the WZ-132, once one of the best tier 8 light tanks (akin to the 13-90), in the backburner. Is the WZ-132 still able to compete with the new contenders, or is it an obsolete piece of junk, left to hide in the bushes with it's 'better' camo? What are your thoughts?
  7. Yea, what you're experiencing when you get 999 ping is severe packet loss (basically, intermittent connection drops where you lose complete connection to the server). Thats an issue that the ISP has to resolve.
  8. I was hesitant to give an answer because neither recon nor camo would do much of an advantage for a E-50M. Thats' a brawling tank, not a sniper, so it's preferred playstyle wouldn't benefit much from either. I'm with Servios on this one. A note though, for the driver. I would go for offroad, but thats just me. A brawling tank should have as much mobility as it can get.
  9. Stand back, IT squad is here. On Topic: This is a 100% clear indication of a network issue, unrelated to the computer specs. NavySnipers is on point. Go visit the PC Unicum reference to download pingplotter, and then run a pingplotting test at either NA East or NA West server. The IP's are on the WoT wiki. I'll add them later to the PC Unicum reference.
  10. Aw, thanks! Glad to be back. College stole me... That and a sudden urge to stop playing tanks for like 3 months to focus on other things. But I'm back now, shitpoasting from time to time I like how I still have more posts than 95% of players here WOTLABS_BESTLABS_NA... +BR
  11. Something that wasn't very discussed when patch 8.0 came out was the affect it had on scout tank's ability to spot and run. Before physics, the T-50 and T-50-2 bled virtually no speed when turning, and it could accelerate out of situations amazingly fast, which made them such a pain to deal with. However, when physics was implemented, something changed with the maneuvering ability of the T-50 and -2. They no longer felt as snappy during turns (especially when World of Drifting was going on before they fixed that parameter a bit), and they seemed to have more ground resistance, or they didn
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