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  1. I dump into a 121 and T49 to help a T54E1 thinking he would focus fire the 121 with me in my STB.

    He chases the T49 and gets outkited meanwhile I am 1v1ing the 121.

    I am 1000 HP ahead of the 121 at this point but then the T49 comes back and hits me for 1k and I die...

    All because I chose to save a shitlord pubbie who makes the worst play possible.

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    2. MacusFlash


      Pubbies are meatshields, never forget about it.

    3. TheMarine0341


      Fucking noob :nmad:

    4. Snoregasm2


      That's what you get for helping the enemy. Remember, it's always 1 vs 29 (or 2 vs 28, 3 vs 27). Everyone who isn't actively helping you is hurting you. Friendly pubbies are 10x more dangerous than red pubbies, as at least you point your gun towards red pubbies and watch out for them.

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