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  1. The worst part of this patch is how large the snowball effect is this patch.

    Lose 14 ally tier 10s faster than you can finish fastbois.

    1. DirtyACE7


      The funny thing is when one of your top tier heavies is arguing that he died because he was overwhelmed by the enemy, that is he was facing another heavy that was a tier lower and got rolled. Then you check your teammate heavy's stats, 41% win rate :cri:

    2. flare_phoenix


      A while ago I heard someone say about Armored Warfare (paraphrased) "blowouts happen a lot more often than in World of Tanks, there's less capacity to carry - since everyone has great frontal armor the moment a team loses one or two tanks it just snowballs, and is extremely difficult to come back from". I think this is best embodied in BT12 games, where heavy brawls are protracted slugfests and whoever wins the other flank usually wins the game.

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