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  1. Not even 2 months in and 7 fucking school shootings in the States. Then Trump administration repeals any form of restriction from the Obama-era. Come the fuck on America. Why are you a backwards-assed country? What is so "great" about people dying because of outdated ideals that originated from time of war?

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    2. Errants


      Decent medical care, and decent mental health care would do wonders in America. Too many times I've been called to do a mental eval of someone who is pants on head crazy, but because he's alert and oriented, not currently posing a threat to themselves or others, and not stating they're GOING to become a threat... I can't make them go to a hospital to seek mental health assistance. And LEO's can't do anything to them, because they've not broken a law, yet. And thank gods, thoughtcrime isn't a thing here.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @Raj selfdefence is one thing, allowing people with psycological issues having guns is another one. Guns are dangerous, guns are meant to kill. Noone in this world can deny this. So when you allow people who do not understand that they are not toys or are mentally instable they will hurt someone (be themselfs or others) sooner or later. Because guns are only meant to hurt. 


    4. MAJEST1C


      There's no system in place to stop someone who is going to have mental issues down the line from getting a gun.

      The emotional /psychological volatility rate is extremely high in US. I have seen a lot during my commute to NYC every day

      I can definitely say one aspect is related to finances. At this current rate the government is trying to push down more taxes for their incompetence. 

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