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  1. Will be streaming NA v EU w/ 10 minute delay at 11Pacific/2EST/20:00CEST. Player perspective.


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    2. mati_14


      Well, this kind of stuff happens on every clan, where you would have players that were good in the past but they don't play anymore and they came back for certain event in the game, the thing is, I don't get why Mahou needed to do this, having at least 2 teams that IMO could have been better, i.e. if you check the top 20 Mahou players by recent in Wotlabs I think less than 5 played vs FAME lol. Names apparently weight more than numbers.

    3. flare_phoenix
    4. DirtyACE7


      Favoritism is one of the downfalls to any team sport/competition. You always play players that are in best form, not bring back someone who used to be good at some point. I understand some of those guys may have been better but that is just that, have been. It's just sad.