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  1. Every week or so I play a single game to remind me not to touch this game. I don't understand how anyone can keep playing this shithole of a game where XVM focus/yolos/bullshit RNG and MM is so prevalent. Even when I platoon with irl friends on occassion, they can see the blatant aforementioned bullshit. Honestly to keep playing this game frequently - in its current state - on a regular and consistent basis, you need to have some form of brain damage. I fucking miss tanks before XVM endorsement and shit MM teams.

    Even games like LoL with INTers are more fun to play than this.

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    2. lavawing


      @Zinn why play Chinese phone games when you can try hard in GBF with guild war schedules more rigid than WoT>

    3. Zinn


      Huehuehue, I don't even have a smartphone, it was just to make a point about WoT. That said, gaming on a schedule ain't ever gonna happen to me. Just imagine letting other people decide when it's time to have fun :doge:

    4. lavawing



       Just imagine letting other people decide when it's time to have fun

      Got kicked twice (or thrice) from klenz for the exact same reason. Showing up on time as if it's a job is bad enough, not even getting enough players for a full team in the end is even worse. Then again WoT isn't even fun without platoons and the game fucks you for those now