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  1. Haven't done ranked in the past so when do I get my rewards

  2. Hello.
    Playing 4 fun > dpg in dead game.

    1. CraBeatOff


      This has been the case for about 5 years! Or whenever Gold League was euthanized.  But better late than never 😛

    2. Snoregasm2


      Someone needs to tell the EU server

    3. kolni


      Can’t do one without the other even if I tried

  3. It's 2021 and WG still doesn't know how to balance the game. The biggest issue being the shit maps and dispersion rn. But god forbid HE doesn't work the way they want it to.
  4. I've undervolted my 3080 to use 300W and lose no perf. I generally sit in the 200W range
  5. Welcome to finally hitting performance intel had for years refreshing a dead-end arch.
  6. I learned several things from this video: Shoot the ammo rack Use a random number generator ???? ammo rack. At one point you couldn't interpret your own data point on the spreadsheet and I was seriously concerned.
  7. Best ITX channel out there His review: If you can afford it, the Ghost S1 Ncase M1 is the best out there.
  8. There's a difference between XVM focus and getting shot at because you are in an inherently contested position. To deny XVM focus is a thing is downright delusional.
  9. 4x8 is cringe due to you basically being locked into dual-channel ram and resale purposes. Far easier to sell 2x16GB sticks than 4x8GB for the same reason 2x8GB is easier to sell than 4x4GB of DDR3. For air cooler, minimum should be NHD14 and NHU12A if you can afford it. Otherwise bequiet dark rock pro 4 is an alternative. The cheapest upgrade you can do right now is replace your current fans with noctua 120mm fans. Cooling performance will still be largely inadequate but will barely be good enough - hence the strong recommendation to add a Noctua fan in the earlier build.
  10. 4x8 cringe. In all seriousness. You're gonna want to upgrade the cooler or add better fans as your cooling solution is largely insufficient by itself.
  11. Fake CHAI exists with the OG core being effectively dead from tanks. All the OG unicums are dead and have moved on from WoT to other games (i.e. War Thunder / Escape from Tarkov / etc). The server is now run by teals/blues that outpace the dadicums that still play WoT. Garbad returned for a brief moment but during his return placed WN8 as the holy metric as he can no longer win.
  12. Literally zero point getting a 4790k at $270 because you are locked into the Z97 chipset with no upgrade path. You would have to be insane to do so when there are literally better options at the same price point that allows for generational upgrades in performance (if required). This is with a motherboard AND RAM included. Just to prove a point at $20 more. Just to prove a point at $50 more. As per AMD's new CPUs, unveil date is October 8th which would mean availability at November/December.
  13. Few things to note. You are currently CPU-bound for WoT despite being at 1440p/UW. The upgrades below should place you well in excess of 144+. Realistically what is pushing you back is the extremely low clock speed of the 4690k. At 4.0GHz, you can hardly call that an overclock. If you push it to 4.4/4.5GHz you will be fine for WoT/Fortnite/Apex. If you are going to stop at 4.7-4.8GHz, you might as well go AMD (particularly zen 3). Zen 3 is literally around the corner - October 8th. It will be worth waiting on reviews as well as checking out OC-ability. If - for whatever reaso
  14. Maps need to be bigger for 15 v 15. Easiest fix to being completely incapable of designing flexible maps.
  15. The surprisingly thing about the WoT engine is that it is one of the better game engines out there in terms of optimization. It leaves little more to be desired for. The only problem is gameplay is depressing at best and the servers regularly have packet issues.
  16. Not spending time on tanks has paid massive dividends for me. Overall enjoying the days I'm off work much better now.
  17. Lop was averaging 5.1k in it from 0 to 95% marks.
  18. I was playing League of Legends and ran into a guy with the same issue. Big think
  19. This. Muscles alone don't mean shit if you don't know how to properly throw a punch/fight. A guy half your weight can knock you out on technique alone. I'd argue that even if Muay Thai means you lose weight/muscle mass, you'd be better toned and probably look much better.
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