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  1. After we stomped two or three no name clans, our night consisted of; CHAI,CHAII,OTTER,LIMBO,SIMP,REL_3 on repeat.
  2. I hate to do it, but I need some for CW. SH is the best place to grind it out.
  3. I haven't bothered with FTR for some time...FFS the comments section looks like YouTube for Christ's sake.
  4. Nothing - which is exactly my point. I loathe having IOC member's spewing misinformation. (At least in regards to our own affairs, not trolling the general public)
  5. Hurdur, I'm going to say this once more, and publicly this time, On the Record (since my subtle one on one convos seem to be completely fucking useless). If you don't know what is going on, don't fucking say anything.
  6. I had it PO'd for XBO. I've only got to put 4-5 hours in it but I love it. If you enjoy the atmosphere of the movie(s), and stealth/survival oriented games then you'll love this. Very immersive and fairly challenging, it van be very eerie to have to try to get anywhere when the Xenophage is stalking you. Pros: Great movement/fluidity Good lighting Good voice acting and interesting dialogue EXCELLENT music and sound. Very lo-tech 70s still sounds. Cons: Very basic crafting system (only medkits,flashbangs, etc) Random frame rate issues (in game and some cutscenes). Usually only lasts a
  7. Looking for people who are interested in CW primarily. I waited specifically for you to leave to start. Didn't want you to muck things up.
  8. Been out of the CW loop for about a year. Which sites/programs are the best to use for tracking CW attendance? I tried the WoTmanager site, but when I try to register my clan, it says the clan has already been registered previously (I think this is because of the name change we underwent - I have contacted their support).
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