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  1. T-44-100 has better power/weight AND ground resistances now than M41 90. That's balancing, boys!
  2. I got T-55A by playing all other mission types. I have never played arty, and I don't plan on doing it either. You heroes can talk shit about arty being cancer all day long, but if you play arty... you are part of the disease. No exceptions.
  3. I really like T92. Carrying games is hard, but when you do the games are really really memorable. Snap shotting enemies never gets old. BTW has anyone noticed while the pen is only 175mm, it hardly drops at all over distance... because reasons, I dunno. Still think the DPM should be 10% better, and the shells cheaper. Why does Black Dog get better alpha for cheaper ammo? The gun isn't quite Pew pew pew enough, its more like Pew pew pew.
  4. Got Type 59, AC-1 (which is a complete piece of shit tank), T28E (which could be the best tank on tier 4, well balanced WG). And no, Type 59 is not really a special tank. It's not bad and 7 degrees of gun depression allows turret abuse... but 182mm pen in current MM??? Mobility isnt great either. At least gun handling is decent. Is it a fun tank to play? Yes it is IMHO. It's basically like a tier 8 T-55A, except worse in everything, but with 7 degrees of gun depression. But srsly T28E is a total seal clubbing device. I have T26E5, Skorpion G, but no Lorraine though... still got Type 59. Me thinks its completely random.
  5. Meh, I got T-55A by completing the other missions with honors. Just like all the other tanks also before that. Mainly because I have zero games played in any clicker campers. Git gud.
  6. Why play anything below tier 4 is beyond me. 4. Luchs 5. T-34 6. Cromwell, T-34-85 in it's various forms 7. T71, AMX 1375... 8. uhhhhh... T26E5. 9. T-10, ST-I because rasha, and autoloaders are gay. Except light tanks. 10. what ever
  7. Did it in Waffle IV, by bush kemping on Prokhorovka the entire game. Only thing funnier was doing HT-15 in T26E5...
  8. I suppose it's "budget batchat" only stats as it costs 6-7 million credits just like all tier 10 tanks...
  9. >E75, E50, ELC-AMX, T32 and T54. T-54 has been a bit power creeped since E50 and M46 have been buffed, not to mention the new-ish Czech tier 9 medium tank which is also strong. T-54 is still good though... just don't rely on that armor due to a many high pen guns even on tier 8 now. Shoot HEAT like a mofo. E50 is pretty darn good, maybe the best tier 9 tank. E75 is... a bit too slow for my taste. It's armor gets negated by premium ammo a lot. T32 is still very good, but you may need to dip more into premium shells now. Expect everyone to shoot premium ammo at you on tier 10. ELC is pretty much the same, meta wise.
  10. TankkiPoju

    Object 252U

    2150 DPG and 1.7 KPG, 8 High Calibers in 40 games. 47% winrate.
  11. But If I can't see WN8 values for my tank, how do I know if I am having fun in it
  12. TankkiPoju

    The Chinese 112

    It really is better than IS-6 now. The armor is way overbuffed, it sidescrapes like a boss and the gun handling is exactly the same as in IS-6.... and it's faster than IS-6 due to much lower ground resistances.
  13. STA-2 is very good, and it has the most important factors in a premium tank: It doesn't need premium ammo and it's fun to play. The only mediocre thing about it is the shell velocity, which is a bit potato.
  14. Major improvements in my career so far: - learn to shoot premium ammo like crazy, especially with the tanks that heavily rely on it. Full APCR in low tier light tanks? Hell yeah. - play more stronk tanks. - stop overcommitting, meaning dont play WoT like a Battlefield game...
  15. I love M46 KR, but since I also caved in and bought Patriot... M46 KR is a good tank, and now it's even better... but Patriot is still just miles ahead of it. It's a tank that can literally do it all, and come out as winner. In tier 8 games without arty, if you can play Patriot as hulldown, it's basically GG for the enemy team.
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