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  1. Hi, I'm considering my next skill after 6th, bia, camo and gun handling. Repairs are obviously on the list, but the ingame description of muffled shot says it reduces the penalty by 25%? However looking at values ok wotinfo they have a very different opinion of how it works. I looked at camo for T-10 and IS-3 with the BL-9 and it looks to me as a gun reduces camo by a set %? (In this case 82%). Shouldn't this be the number reduced by 25% giving a reduction of 61,5%, for example resulting in after shot camo of IS-3 at 2,6%, not 1,51% like the calculator says? If I'm not misu
  2. Only got the authentification server issue just now 20 minutes ago, played right up until then so indeed not server issue. Ticketed.
  3. Reading through this thread makes me really wish Wargaming would just remove tank classes altogether. Would work quite well, and this thread probably would have never spawned in the first place. Tank classifications are just generally uninteresting and is just an extra layer of information to confuse the fuck out of people, especially inexperienced ones.
  4. Ghost shells were just a myth I read about once in a while on forums up until 9.7, which sometimes even gives me two ghosts in one game, with 20ms, no packet loss or lag spikes
  5. Complete pacifist IRL, and now literally over 15 games in a row where I actually raged so hard I screamed irl. Feel like a fucking psycho. I've fucking hated this game for half a year now, but for some reason I still feel like playing it, although I did just take a 2 month break. I never rage at my friends in platoons though, just on pubbies.
  6. How long the reload time of the tank is is not very relevant for what equipment you should use. Think of your playstyle and how the different types of equipment would help, it's pretty obvious what you want. Depends how you play your tanks, and whether you want to just farm dpg like a lamer or actually be an asset to your team. I wouldn't put too much weight into what everybody else says; being a good player has nothing to do with making sense out of what equipment is best. And no, optics is still useful no matter how much other stuff you have. All heavies will get spotted at max view
  7. 85mm relies a LOT more on gold ammo than the 100mm, that 20mm pen makes a massive difference, although I still keep a 80/20 ap/gold loadout on my 100mm. Never looked back after going to 100mm as it just makes a lot more sense to have a bigger alpha gun with more pen when you are driving a tank with awesome mobility and camo; shooting while unspotted in the open will get you spotted and then you have to wait for way longer than the reload of the 100mm anyway so having a 85mm that fires faster makes absolutely no sense. For (lt/mt/ht) platoons or if you like to scout very agressively 85mm is
  8. Did everybody forget all about the IS-3? It trolls so many 10s so hard; there's almost no terrain where you can't be near-invincible and the speed helps you "lead" the pushes if that's what you want to do. The only problem is that the closer you get the faster you will die from "lucky" roof hits, but it's usually possible to take at least two 10s down with you by that time unless you're doing it from within like 50-75m (roof hits will be as often as 1/2 or more). You can also hide your roof hull down and still be able to shoot on some hills / other terrain but mantlet still pennable in some pl
  9. I heard so much good stuff about the CGC but after getting top gun on the FV3805 I'm starting to realize the importance of accuracy and how big the difference actually is. On a few maps CGC is awesome, but for the rest 261 is far superior and the best arty no contest imo. American and british arties are way more frustrating to play. 261's splash with gold HE is still more than enough for missions anyway.
  10. Been trying to find a website / program that has fuel tanks on the tank images / modules but I'm completely lost. Can't find it on tank-inspector, wotguru or tank-analyzer, altough the latter has some sort of red marks for engine and fuel it doesn't separate between the two and it looks pretty outdated. Where can I figure this stuff out? Some tanks have pretty obvious visible fuel tanks but a lot of them don't and I would really love to learn where they are, as it will make the Incinerator IM on 3rd and 4th campaign so much easier.
  11. Despite WZ-132 being my favorite tank in the game right now, after reading this and having a long discussion in wotlabs ingame chat I just have to admit the only real advantage 132 gets is 10 more VR, 15 more pen (with 100mm) and ,02 better final accuracy (untill fully aimed T-54l is probably more accurate than 132). Literally everything else is worse, equal, or just so slightly better but not worth taking into consideration (camo, shell speed, gun elevation). The camo difference is only a 5m difference against an E 100 with BIA. Thanks to mobility and agility I would say T-54l is just as good
  12. It was still an open game when you crossed the bridge. Feeling like your "objective" is to kill their arty is probably a feeling you should get rid of. The objective is to win the game and keeping my team ahead or at least on par is always what I tell myself when I'm trying to figure out the best thing to do next. Going to kill their arty is not really an effective way to use your tank if your goal is to win. Try to measure up your tank not being in the game for a while against only potentially one enemy arty getting killed. You are top tier. There are plenty of other things you can do with a
  13. You have to pick your female crew member to be able to "complete" the mission and pick new missions. Until then it just stays in your mission list as "pick reward".
  14. I haven't read anything but some of the trash talk on the first page but in this guy's defense I did consider doing this with moving my american tank crew into a mammoth for the last 25th and then back, and knowing how much % the penalty was would be useful to find out how useful this would be (it would obviously be retarded if the penalty really is 50%). It shouldn't cost anyone much to be nice even when the biggest retard in the world is asking the most retarded question ever, though. There is a lot of whining going on on wotlabs towards "bad threads" lately tbh, kinda makes it boring to
  15. Cruiser III indeed best seal clubber, but also not the easiest tank to play. Depression is insane, maneuverability is awesomesauce and the gun is overall pretty good.
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