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  1. Anyone know when the expected WN8 values for the grille 15 and chieftan/t95 will come to wotlabs?

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    2. Kitten


      I like these responses. They are good responses :doge: 

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      again with this?


    4. sartox
  2. Rly? I tried to join ideal and santi before campaign and got denied. Didn't even bother to try s3al. Do you think I have a chance to join s3al?
  3. Support tank. Follow your own heavys. Wait for enemy heavys to fire. Poke safely and fire back. Even if you pen a low ammount of numbers, you can still do some dmg and help the team. Maybe consider using gold in case of maus or e100. Best case scenario is when your team pushes and you get to see the sides of the turrets or hulls. Put some shots and get involved in the push only when either you see your team will win for sure or when you need to take one or two shots in order to secure victory. If it's a worst case scenario like being pushed or your team's push failed, then make som
  4. Disclaimer: not unicum I played esl for over a year and a half now, and all i can say is that mods give you an advantage over the other players. Luckyli, most mods have been implemented such as view range in the minimap, las known locations, and now in 9.15, the cap timer and some other thing I can't remember now. Nevertheless, I used the OMC modpack and I remember a feature that would tell you which tank bounces on you, even do that tank was unspoted, as well as telling you how many enemy tanks had been spoted or the hp of the enemy tanks. All of this things give you a
  5. Hello, I recently purchased the e3 and I'm struggeling with it. It's quite slow, so sometimes I know that if I try to get to a certain position, I might not make it, or take shots on my way there, but at the same time, if I decide not to go, feels like I'm just waiting for my team to die in order to make some shots afterwards. I have the jag auf e100, and do good in it, so I don't know why I suck at the e3. I need some tips from *good TD players*. Avoid posting if you are one of those medium tank players plz (no offense to med players, but this is related to TDs)
  6. Give me a call if I can help somwhow. Not planing on eaving lfew, but still might be able to give a hand in platoons or anything related to ESL (I play silver league, so I know a few things )
  7. The question is which tanks are easier to 3 gun mark. My answer is that anything below tier 8, and as you can see down below, my answer is correct, so don't be so fussy because of the stats, when considering that recently I've performed better than you.
  8. I admit that getting gun marks at tier 10 is very very hard. Would like to know how to too, since I have 2 in the ones I play the most. On the other hand, tier 8 gun marks...
  9. I'm on EU too unfortunately, but a good advice I can give you, is that once you make a mistake, try to not forget it so that you don't do it again. Also, if you have a feeling that poking a ridge or that trying to take a shot at someone, will be bad for you, just don't do it, no matter how juicy a target might be. More than once I poked to take a shot feeling bad about it and managed to make 400 dmg, but take 800 in return... Is like a feeling that art is on you or that you really believe that there are tanks or TDs camping at the back. Another advice is read enemy set u
  10. Retard update. Go back to previous patch pls

    1. no_name_cro


      I thought it was going to be good but tanks slide too much IMO.

    2. sartox


      Sounds won't let you know if you are penned or not. Shit stuff

  11. More options for forum signatures, like images, letter font, so on...
  12. IMO jagtiger is OP, but rhm is even more OP
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