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  1. I did a thing.                                    https://4stor.com/ruDJS

    1. Medjed


      I trusted you and clicked on that link having no idea what is gonna happen and it was just a screenshot, but fkn hell why people use fishy sites for their images when there's something called imgur

    2. jacobhunter3006


      4stor isn't a fishy site, everyone seems to think it is for some reason. I use it instead of imgur because its simply easier.

    3. Fabunil


      Or you could just post the imageURL directly...



  2. Not my greatest 3rd mark session but hey.


    1. CarbonWard


      When 3k dpg is enough for 103 3 mark :kjugh:

    2. jacobhunter3006


      It was 3400, that whole session wasn't m103.


  3. I delete replays that are outdated on patch day so I actually don't have any chaffee replays (thanks WG). I would put myself in scouting positions early game that wouldn't allow me to be spotted and killed easily and that way I'm still alive in the late game cleanup stage. The biggest thing about the tank is to not get hit since it only has 440hp and a low pen gun. Since it's a light tank it is almost never top tier so you don't want to position yourself in spots you can't easily get out of and spots that put you up against frontal heavies and mediums. If you have any other questions feel free
  4. https://4stor.com/xS7h6 https://4stor.com/yzeKy I found it quite amusing due to to amazing dpm, great speed/maneuverability, and great view range. Plus it looks cute :^)
  5. https://4stor.com/xS7h6     


    My first 3rd mark in under 75 battles.             


  6. I only have 42.0 dad coins, what's the exchange rate?
  7. The m46 kr is the best as it is pretty much a premium Pershing with a tiger painted on it. The super Pershing is a pubbie killing machine but requires some premium rounds and map awareness. The ram is meh but is okay I guess. Avoid the m4 improved like the plague because it has very similar effects on the body.
  8. I did another thing.


    1. Fulcrous


      Sit awareness on your commander when it's only active on the loader :facepalm:

    2. jacobhunter3006


      I made the crew for this at like 6000 battles and never noticed lol thank you.

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