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  1. After all, once interest for WoWS grows a bit more, a forum for WoWS could be very profitable and soon be self sustainable
  2. Alright so have you ever had one of those times where an unaware person is about to collide with you at the start of a battle? And I personally reach for my horn keybinding that is nonexistent in WoWS which bothers me. Imagine how many collisions could be prevented if there was a horn. Ok so down to the properties of an addition like this, here's what i'm thinking -Ability doesn't spot you, but rather your horn can be heard by all ships within a certain radius (including enemies) -Wargaming can make some money by having some horns that you can buy for gold
  3. Alright, lets use the minekaze as the example, it comes with stock torpedos that have a range of 7km, and the "upgraded" ones that have a range of 10km but only travel at 57 knots, 11 knots slower than the stock ones Thats that a great idea, but of course all the torpedo launchers would be managed at the same time and you would have to wait for the torpedo reload time.
  4. If armored warfare gets a lab, then I maybe, just maybe, Warships should get a lab so we can discuss shit like this 


  5. anyone think its only fair that World of Warships get their own forum instead of just a section? I mean armored warfare got a forum :/
  6. Alright guys, I need a census on this from all you cruisers and destroyers out there. Do you think the shorter range and faster torpedoes or the longer range and slower torpedoes are more effective?
  7. RansomMoney

    Planetside 2

    Nope nope nope nope nope.
  8. God darn it wargaming put that machine gun back upright where it belongs >:(

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